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Workout Gear You Can Travel With + Exercises To Stay Fit

Workout Gear You Can Travel With + Exercises To Stay Fit

As you begin to pack up and travel to celebrate the upcoming  holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, we want you to keep you honest in your fitness commitments even for those times you may not be close to a gym.


Though you may want to use that time as an excuse to binge, indulge and let loose for a couple of days, don’t because even taking two days off will set back all the good work you’ve hopefully been putting at this point.


We asked owner of PUSH Sports and fitness contributor Greg McCollum to recommend some exercise equipments you can pack in your suitcase or carryon that won’t weigh down your luggage but still packs a punch as well along with the exercises to do with them.

Equipment: Gliding Discs &2, 2.5lb Ankle Weighs

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You can pick up ankle weights at Marshalls or even TJ Maxx. Use both pieces of the equipment together and do the following exercise

How To: Do 20,25 and 30 seconds of Reverse Lunges (each leg), Half Burpees (just the knees in & out) and Bridge leg curl (pictured below).  Do the three exercises back to back, rest for 15 seconds and repeat for 3 cycles.


half burpees

Equipment: Blue resistance band

blue resistance band workout

Exercise: Standing curl and tricep extension
How To: Do 20,25, and 30sec Work intervals with 15sec Rest  Repeat for 2 cycles
resistance band curl up standing
tricep extension resistance band_2

tricep extension resistance band


images via: movenourishbuild;; pop sugar

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