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Expert Trainer Michael Wollpert Shares What He Eats

Expert Trainer Michael Wollpert Shares What He Eats

Summer might be winding down but that doesnt mean your commitment to fitness and healthy eating has to. Summer body, fall body, winter body, any-body, starts with a consistent focus to an exercise regimen that you love and feel comfortable with and diet. There used to be a time when one would gorge on not so nutritious food only to say it would-be offset with a HIIT session but once your metabolism passes a certain age mark, many of us struggle not only to get through the workout but also eat right to continue seeing results.  Many is me, I am many of us.

I had a chat with one of Chicago’s expert trainer to see what he eats through the day while helping his clients work towards their fitness goals. Micheal Wollpert has an extensive background in health and fitness and has been sculpting bodies in the Chicagoland area for some time now. He is adistrict manager for the Gold Coast location at Equinox fitness clubs, and serves as regional manager for cycling, like a master trainer for the Chicago region. Wollpert has earned his stripes having ran 15 marathons and an Iron man competition.

“When it comes to nutrition (you probably already know this) but you are what you eat. Obviously, you can’t out run, out train a poor diet no matter how many hours you work out, you are what you eat” says expert trainer Michael Wollpert “people don’t realize that certain carbs and starches like potato starch will spike your insulin level and actually make you more tired and make you crave more food. So, by eating the correct foods you are satiated and takes away the cravings. I like to offer advice on being more holistic eating foods from the ground, vegetables locally mixed fruits.”

Many of us whether its a bad day, bad meeting, time of the month or just cause you are having the 2pm withdrawals, sugar cravings are strong and not kind to one’s diet so Wollpert’s take and recommendation to help curb sweet cravings?
“No breads and limit your sugars. If you’re an individual that has to have bread, then it should be a sprouted bread, a sprouted muffin. It should not have white flour wheat flour, potato starch things like that are going to raise your insulin levels. If you have certain natural sugars, say a carrot, carrot has sugar in it. But if you have blueberries, raspberries, blackberries in the morning maybe with some low-fat not no fat, low-fat you would have some sugars in there already and you kind of trick your body. That’s a good snack in the evening too, very small portion size of some healthy acai yogurt with some blueberries with maybe a handful of some natural almonds so you have some fat in there.”


Since metabolism after a certain age is a real issue, there’s a thinking that as soon as your body hits say 30, it all goes down the tube from there. Wollpert “Our bodies are constantly getting older and if you’re not working at changing your workout routine or if you’re not working out at all our metabolism is constantly changing or slowing down if you will. But they say that every 7 years if you are staying the same you will gain weight, if you are doing the same thing every year you will gain, I think its 3 to 7 pounds every 7 years. Were just getting older, were getting less sufficient. Food is like putting a log on a fire, but if your metabolism is a small fire, you’re throwing wood on a cigarette lighter instead of a bon fire.”


If you’re going to drink, drink a clean tequila on the rocks or a clean vodka like a tito, you don’t want a starchy vodka.

Here are some of the things Wollpert likes to eat:

2% Fat Greek Yogurt.
I’m actually a fan of 2 percent Greek yogurt. You need to grab some proteins, you need to grab some carbs. You need to have a balance of carbs, protein and some good fats. So, just keeping that ratio of food in that the pro tip again is the type of carb that you’re eating.

Small meals

I eat probably every four hours. I think for men intermittent fasting is best and I do kind of intermittent fast meaning I would stop eating around eight o’clock at night or earlier and not eat again for twelve hours sometimes fourteen. That’s not recommended all the time for women, due to the hormonal system, it doesn’t work the same way and that’s actually detrimental for losing weight. But men I found that intermittent fasting is good, but not for women. That’s just another pro tip I would throw in there. If you like to have more food, you should eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner.

For breakfast I had 3 pieces of turkey, 5 ounces of yogurt with some raspberries and about a handful of almonds, two hard boiled eggs and a handful of carrots.


For those that come to the realization that they want to get back on the fitness horse after a long duration of couch surfing, Wollpert’s tip for injury prevention is here to help “if you’ve been sedentary, and then you come back (to fitness), I think the statistic is 4 to 6 weeks is your highest percentage of injury. So, going back easy is the best advice, going back hard is the worst to thing to do because you are going to get very tight and pulling a hamstring is probably the least of your worries. The number one thing is to understand dynamic warm up and cool down and flexibility. You know there are many key components to our fitness and a lot of people think cardiovascular, strength training, a lot of people neglect flexibility, so a proper warm up and cool down with flexibility training is the best way to start. I would also add in there to start with body weight movement.


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