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Ever wonder how the current leaders of Chicago’s business, nonprofit, startup world all got to where they are now? What does it take to succeed not just in your career but your overall lifestyle? Can the social events you attend or don’t, have any effect on your professional trajectory in the future? We are here to help guide you, the multifaceted professional, in your quest to the c-suite in whatever industry you are. If you’ve ever heard the saying “Its not what you know, but who you know” then you know that in Chicago that rings especially true. Who are the leaders that are sharing their knowledge, resource and maybe even rolodex; Who are the next generation Chicagoans that will help define the future of this great city? SociaLifeChicago is where your career meets your lifestyle offering tools to help you move ahead whether thats in your career, social standing or lifestyle.

SociaLifeChicago is a digital lifestyle publication for emerging tastemakers, up-and-coming professionals and next gen leaders.  At the intersection of lifestyle, career and social events, we’re building the toolkit to help cultivate Chicago’s next gen power players. If you are a twenty/thirty-something in Chicago, consider us your go to source.


Hi! I’m Bolaji, founder of SociaLifeChicago; a young professional with big dreams and social introvert tendency. What began as a hobby covering Chicago’s social scene has now bloomed into a business venture, leading me in my first foray into entrepreneurship. I am very passionate about the amazing 20/30somethings that will one day define the future of Chicago and I think they should be celebrated and brought to light. While our focus will sharply be at the intersection of social career+lifestyle, we will continue to bring you comprehensive coverage of some of Chicago’s best parties and galas. Whether its helping you know who’s who on the scene, finding the right mentors in your industry, profiling next gen leaders, getting your day started with Hotness In The News, how to negotiate a better wage, start thinking about money and savings for the future, or how to live your life now but also aspire for great things in the future, we hope you are able to get it all here. 


To pitch stories and collaboration opportunities: info@sociaLifeChicago.com

For advertising inquiries: ads@socialifechicago.com

Proudly working out of Chicago’s vibrant 1871

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