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SoulCycle Launches New Intense Class SoulActivate In Chicago

SoulCycle Launches New Intense Class SoulActivate In Chicago



Love to tap it back with your favorite Soulcycle instructor but wish there was just a little more oomph to your 45 minutes in the studio? You’re not the only one! The Soulcycle team’s heard you and they’re now offering something with a lot more heat for all you Chicagoland SoulCyclers. SoulActivate and SoulActivate Survivor, the two new classes that were originally rolled out in June in New York, San Fran and L.A and is now in Chicago starting July 9.



There are a few things offered in SoulActivate that’s different from your regular SoulCycle class, though the cost remains the same. Instead of the 2lb light weights used during a regular SoulCycle class, SoulActvate uses both light and heavy weights during multiple arm series for high-intensity training, designed to accelerate and decelerate your heart rate to burn fat and build endurance.  The class uses threshold training method that incorporates interval training and intentional recovery to work the body’s various energy systems. SoulActivate Survivor is for the committed because its 60 minutes long, gahhh!

SoulActivate: a 45-minute high-intensity interval and strength training class on the bike. Think heart rate variation, timed interval pushes and an extra weight series with heavier weights. You, stronger.

SoulActivate Survivor: a 60-minute version of our classic SoulActivate class. This longer class format is perfect for anyone looking to get even more out of their workout and push themselves beyond their limits.
You can sign up for a class here.


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