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London Knife Attack, Olympics Updates, Tony Bennett + More

London Knife Attack, Olympics Updates, Tony Bennett + More

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A 19 year old man went on a knife attack rampage killing one American woman and injuring five others in London’s Russell Square late yesterday. Its currently being categorized as a spontaneous attack and victims were randomly selected. The attacker, a Norwegian of Somali descent is being held under police watch and set to be charged on suspicion of murder. This is one of many cases in Europe of attacks that are believed to be linked with either ISIS or radicalized Islamic Jihadists though the London incident is still being thoroughly investigated as an isolated incident…Read more


 A disabled Russian scientist by the name of Valery Spiridonov who suffers from a muscle-wasting disease, will be the first person ever to receive a head transplant, a procedure set for next year. According to the report, more details will be revealed in September but the process involves severing both donor and recipients head, AHHHH!

• Though Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio isn’t until Friday 8/5 at 6PM CST, the Olympics is technically underway as the USWNT(US Women’s Soccer) beat New Zealand 2-0. The NBA and WBNA players are staying on a luxury cruise ship/floating hotel during the games. Chicago Sky and Team USA Women’s Basketball participant Elena Delle Donne, who is profiled in the August issue of Vogue mag, came out publicly announcing her engagement to partner Amanda Clifton. Michael Phelps will carry the flag for team USA during the opening ceremony. Though some of the big names in golf won’t be participating, the golf course is apparently “overrun with sloths, crocodiles and the world’s largest rodents, the capybara.”


• Tony Bennett kicked off his 90th birthday celebration with an honorary lighting at the Empire State Building to recognize Bennett’s musical legacy. He was joined by Lady Gaga and his wife Susan Crow. The celebration continued later in the evening at New York City’s iconic Rainbow Room where Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder performed. John Travolta (in his good wig) with wife Kelly, Paul McCartney and wife Nancy, The Philbins, Alexander Wang were all in attendance.

• Watch Britney Spears surprise Jimmy Kimmel with a performance in bed here.


• Iris Apfel in collaboration with Macy’s I.N.C International Concepts is releasing a set of emojis to coincide with her fall campaign for I.N.C. Apfel said of emjojis, “I’m a little old for emojis and I didn’t know what they were, But everyone seems to like them, and I want everyone to have a good time. If my face makes people happy, I’m all for it.”

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ― William Arthur Ward

Orlando Bloom sans bloomies

Kris Jenner involved in car crash that the damaged Rolls Royce she just bought last week but she’s fine 

DC Metro police officer arrested

So what/who exactly is Becky with the good hair? The song’s lead songwriter finally speaks on it

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photos via: Telegraph UK; ET Online

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