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Yahoo, American Idol, Naomi Campbell, Pope Francis + More

Yahoo, American Idol, Naomi Campbell, Pope Francis + More

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Yahoo oooo! Oh yes it’s Friday but we’re actually talking about the company. The deadline for open bids for the beleaguered Yahoo is next week and reports are stating Verizon, Google and even Time Inc. might want in on the action. Yahoo’s book of internal figures containing the detailed numbers, which looks worse than your bank account after a fun fueled weekend rager, is being shown to Yahoo’s potential buyers, and it appears to suggest that a return to growth is not anywhere on the horizon,ouch! Profit loss and massive layoffs aside, Yahoo is still the third-largest digital media company in the U.S, clocking 202.5 million unique visitors in November ’15. Maybe Tribune Publishing will toss their name in the ring too ?.  Read more


• Tom Powers, the Chicago commissioner of the Water Management Department abruptly resigned yesterday as the city prepares to test tap water for health risks posed by lead water pipes. Suntimes reports he will be replaced by his top deputy, Barrett Murphy.

• B better have my money! Uber has agreed to pay up to $25 million after San Francisco and Los Angeles prosecutors sued them in 2014 for misleading customers in their background check claims. Turns out, their “industry leading” background checks were inferior to what taxi drivers undergo. Under the settlement signed on Thursday in San Francisco, Uber agreed to pay $10 million within 60 days and if they don’t comply with the terms over the next two years, Uber would have to pay an additional $15 million.

• The Masters golf tournament will continue this weekend and a winner will emerge Sunday clad in the traditional green jacket.

• Pope Francis’s 260-page treatise called “Amoris Laetitia,” (The Joy of Love)called for a Catholic church that was less strict and more compassionate towards “imperfect” Catholics (divorced and remarried) but said though gays should be respected, the Church’s position that there are “absolutely no grounds” to equate gay unions to heterosexual marriage was restated.


• American Idol crowned its final winner last night as the shows series Finale aired with past judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell joining past winners and contestants including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Ace Young. Former season one co-host Brian Dunkleman also made an appearance. 


• Naomi Campbell was fêted last night at the launch of her two-volume coffee table book hosted at The Diamond Horseshoe. The 2 volume set published by Taschen retailing for $1,750 features the very best of Campbell’s modeling portfolio as well as Naomi’s extensive autobiographical text, illustrated by magazine covers, ads, never-before-seen personal snapshots, video stills, and more.

 Activewear is the new denim as London based River Island and French label American Vintage announced launch of activewear line. RI designer Hannah Hope said “Activewear is such a huge market at the moment – with athleisure and wellness both being huge trends, we felt 2016 was the right time to launch the collection, especially with the ever rising presence of fitness sensations on social media.”

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

Anne Hathaway is a mom

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