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Harris Theatre's Imagine The Celebration Gala

Harris Theatre's Imagine The Celebration Gala

Tuesday (4/5) Chicago’s Harris Theater for Music and Dance hosted “Imagine the Celebration” Gala plus a performance of Dido and Aeneas from Mark Morris Dance Group and Music Ensemble. While the invite said gala, this wasn’t a ball gown and tuxedo affair seeing as it took place during the week though there were a few best dressed guests spotted on the scene.

Sarah Albrecht-Imagine Celebration-Gala-Vionett-Harris_TheaterSarah Albrecht in Vionnet

Jay Franke-Thom Browne-Imagine celebration-gala-Harris_TheaterJay Franke in Thom Browne

Douglas Williams-Mark Morris Dance-Imagine Celebration-Gala-Harris_TheaterDouglas Williams

Sally Jackson and friends-Harris_Theater
Sally Jackson and friends


The fundraising event, commemorating completion of the first phase of Harris Theater’s multi million dollar Imagine campaign (renovation and expansion of the public space of the Harris Theater), was chaired by Jay Franke, artistic director of the Chicago Dancing Festival and David Herro, chief investment officer of Harris Associates. The host committee, meaning donations of $50,000+, was a who’s who in Chicago’s corporate and civic leaders including Ariel Investments President Mellody Hobson and husband George Lucas, King and Caryn Harris, Rita and John Canning of Dearborn Partners, Northern Trust Wealth Management Central Region President Steve “Mac” MacLellan and Miriam Waltz, Liz and Eric Lefkofsky of the Lefkofsky foundation, Harris Theater Board of Trustee chairman Alexandra and John Nichols and Pamela Crutchfield to name a few.

Michael Tiknis, Guest, Alexandra Nichols, John Nichols-Imagine celebration-gala-Harris_Theater
Michael Tiknis, Guest, Alexandra Nichols, John Nichols

Anne Kaplan, Guest, Phil Lumpkin, Janet Carl Smith-Imagine celebration Gala-Harris_Theater
Guest, Anne Kaplan, Phil Lumpkin, Janet Carl Smith, Guest

Jay Franke, Sarah Albrecht, Tom Shapiro, Madeleine Grynsztejn-Imagination Celebration Gala-Harris_Theater
Jay Franke, Sarah Albrecht, Tom Shapiro, Madeleine Grynsztejn

Jay Franke-David Herro-Imagine celebration-gala-co0chairs-Harris_Theater
Jay Franke, David Herro


Guests on the host committee were sequestered at the begining of the night by dining onstage atop the Pritzker Pavilion while the rest of the gala’s attendees were treated to a strolling buffet dinner. The performance which started shortly after was scheduled to start at 8pm, but first some networking and mingling and a Mayor Emanuel sighting. While waiting for the show to start, one guest was overheard chiding a friend for missing the dinner, when the friend responded that he did just elswhere #levels. The performance of Dido and Aenas, based on the opera by Henry Purcell, was powerful and short. After rousing applause from the audience to the cast and accompanying  music ensemble following the performance, it was time for the  afterparty in the expanded lower lobby with DJ Matt Roan, as guests enjoyed desserts, music and more mingling.


Amanda Lawson, Cheryl Mendelson, Kevin Jackson, Jodi Kurtze-Imagine Celebration Gala Harris Theater
Amanda Lawson, Cheryl Mendelson, Kevin Jackson, Jodi Kurtze

Suzanne Appel-Imagine Celebration Gala-Harris_Theater-61Suzanne Appel

Imagine celebration-mark morris dance-Harris_Theater Imagine Celebration-Harris_Theater Imagine Celebration-Harris_Theater-2

Shannon Schuyler, Stephen Beard-Imagine Celebration-Gala-Harris_Theater
Shannon Schuyler, Stephen Beard

Alicia del Real, Remberto del Real, David Snyder, Susi Montasir, Kris Kazibut-Imagine Celebration Gala-Harris_Theater
Alicia del Real, Remberto del Real, David Snyder, Susi Montasir, Kris Kazibut

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Bill Ruffin, Emmie Ruffin, Jeff steele-Imagine Celebration-Gala-Harris_Theater
Bill Ruffin, Emmie Ruffin, Jeff Steele

Charlie Vinz, Kam Buckner-Imagine Celebration-Gala-Harris_Theater
Charlie Vinz, Kam Buckner

Harris_Theater-19 Imagine Celebration-Gala-Harris_Theater

Mark Cozzi, Lisa Schumacher, Laura Sargent, John Podjasek-Imagine celebration-gala-Harris_Theater
Mark Cozzi, Lisa Schumacher, John Podjasek, Laura Sargent


Pam Crutchfield, Randy Duncan-Imagine celebration-Harris_Theater
Pam Crutchfield, Randy Duncan

Sally Jackson-Imagine Celebration Gala-Harris_TheaterSally Jackson


Photo credit: Daniel Delgado/SociaLifeChicago

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