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When You Didn't Wake Up Like This But Want The Look

When You Didn't Wake Up Like This But Want The Look


When you combine beauty with science and add a layer of luxury, the finished product is Hourglass cosmetics and you’ll want to get your hands on some of their products to update your spring beauty regimen. Founded by Carisa Janes, it’s developed a cult following among makeup artists, celebs and beauty snobs(the good kind). Prior to starting her own brand, which is so #Girlboss, Janes honed her chops at Urban Decay when it first started.



Hourglass, in addition to its free standing store in California, is sold at some of the top beauty counters including Barneys, SpaceNK, Net-A-Porter, Sephora and now at Nordstrom Chicago.The unique thing of this beauty brand is that it caters to the users complexion/skin to help make it better rather than just concealing which is great for those of us that the “I want you to think I don’t have makeup on but I really do” look. The keen focus on complexion and including clinical level of skincare in some of their products was because founder Janes had problematic skin and couldn’t find product that would not break her out while giving coverage. The beauty line’s best seller is their Veil Mineral Primer with SPF 15, its oil free and helps reduce the appearance of pores so if you have skin that tends to get oily or slightly problematic this is a good product to use as base before applying foundation. I previously used CoverFx mattifying primer but the veil primer is my go to now because my foundation stays matte and I’m not glistening after few hours. I wouldn’t suggest using it alone on medium to darker toned skin as it may present an ashy looking face.  
hourgalss mineral primer oil free
Their eyeshadow palette is quite unique in packaging because the colors are right next to each other so if you want to play or blend like the makeup artists do, it’s so easy, its the coolest thing really. I was impressed with the “Ambient Lighting Blush” because it wasn’t one solid color but rather it has gold hued light-filtering transparent particles to get that pop when the light hits the apple of your cheeks, which is so clutch when you’re serving chiseled cheekbone face.

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hourglass eyeshadow
Whether you use their foundation or your another one you love, you will want to finish it off with the
Ambient Lighting Palette. It’s like having multiple stage lights shine on your face to create the most flattering picture but without the hot lights, “pretty on fleck.”
hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
The beauty line also includes concealers, foundations, lipstick, gloss and brow sculpting pencils.

3 fun facts about Hourglass & Carisa Janes:
1) Carisa Jane’s mom used pink lightbulbs in their home because it created soft, flattering lighting
2) The brand’s foundation was used on Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith
3) Janes was a member of the original team which created Urban Decay

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