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Face Shaving To Achieve Glowing Skin

Face Shaving To Achieve Glowing Skin

Even though it’s not something we openly talk about, there are many women who have to manage the peach fuzz on their face with methods ranging from using facial depilatories, shaving, to laser procedures. One method I recently learned about was a new beauty tool called DermaFlash, used to shave off your facial peach fuzz to reveal smooth glowing skin, at home! DermaFlash, the brainchild of Chicagoan Dara Levy, is a product that’s derived from a popular procedure called Dermaplaning. In Asia it is known in some parts as kao-sori but here it’s called dermaplaning, a procedure favored by celebs and skin gurus including Kate Sommerville, using a scalpel to exfoliate facial skin and remove fine hairs.  



The benefits of dermaplaning are that it allows the skin to better absorb products, aids anti-aging efforts, makes the skin appear brighter and makes for smoother makeup application.  While the spa procedure can cost anywhere between $150-$ per session, DermaFlash  retails for $189 and this home dermaplaning tool that promises to deliver the same spa effect in the convenience of your own home. Only one way to find out was to use it.


Shaving my face wasn’t something I was entirely thrilled about especially with the taboo that the hair would grow back thicker but the prospect of glowing skin was calling my name and the fear of having an Edward Scissorshand moment was virtually non-existent since the blade has a protective mesh to ensure you don’t cut yourself.  The deciding factor for me in trying it, was that 78% of women who participated in a clinical study claimed that after using DermaFlash they felt they could wear less makeup.  


DermaFlash is pretty easy to use.  First, you wash your face with the prep cleanser that comes with the product and then dry thoroughly. You then slide a new blade on the tool and hold down the power button and the device starts to vibrate.  From there, you hold the blade against your skin at a 45-degree angle and begin stroking your skin making sure to avoid the eye area and hairline. As the DermaFlash was buzzing on my skin, all I saw was a bunch of fine hairs and dry skin dusting my shiny white sink.  I thought the process might hurt but it didn’t and the vibrations even felt like a mini massage.  The first thing I noticed was that there were some patches of dry skin close to my mouth and I was terrified that my skin was irritated and had a reaction.  I decided not to freak out because the last step was applying the soothe moisturizer and immediately those patches disappeared.  And as I applied the moisturizer I was impressed with how soft my skin felt.  I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks for a week.  

As for the other benefits, I noticed immediately how bright my skin looked.  This is perfect for the no makeup summertime glow that I wanted.  And in the following days when I applied makeup I noticed that the application was much smoother than before.  Overall after I shaved my face, I totally understood why women pay for the dermaplaning spa procedure.  When you remove the dirt, debris, dead skin and peach fuzz, your skin is almost like new.  My skin remained soft and glowing for another week, so it was well worth traveling into the world of the unknown for the benefits of glowing skin.

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As a face shaving novice I can say this was a great first experience.  Although I was skeptical, I have been transformed into a believer in facial hair removal.  The DermaFlash was a worthy experience because it removed both hair and the dead skin on my face that was blocking my shine. If you’re looking to get rid of the peach fuzz on your face in the comfort and privacy of your own home, I believe that the DermaFlash is a good place to start especially if you are not ready or have the continuous fund for the dermaplaning spa procedure.

You can buy yours at, Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus,, and QVC.

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