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Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

Beauty Hacks You Should Know About


Not all of us can afford our very own glam squad on a daily basis and if the urge to cry after leaving Sephora because you went in for one thing and came out $200 poorer ever crossed your mind, these hacks are for you.  Listen when you spend a lot on beauty/primping products and gadgets you want to use it till the last drop so why buy more gadgets when you can use certain products already in your home. These beauty hacks will leave you (hopefully) looking flawless and now you’ll have some money left over to treat yo’ self to a nice outfit complimenting your beauty.

Use a pencil to curl your hair!

Youtube is a treasure trove of beauty blogger secrets and tips and California beauty blogger Tani Garcha revealed to us that you can get tight curls simply by using a pencil and hair straightener! All you have to do it twirl your hair around the pencil and then tap it with a hair straightener. Warning! make sure you use a wooden pencil because plastic ones will melt into your hair. This is probably best for those with fine and not course textured hair.

Banana peels get rid of acne spots! banana-peels

I love a good banana and honey roasted peanut butter combo or sliced into greek yogurt, for my potassium fix but it turns out there are benefits in the peel as well. Banana peels contains vitamins A, B, C and E, zinc, manganese, iron and rich in antioxidants. How does it work? Rub the inside of a banana peel (make sure the banana is yellow, not green) on the affected skin, then don’t touch it for two hours. After the time is up, use the blackened peel to clean the area. The results won’t be as instantaneous as if you used a medicated product but if the holistic approach is what you use, you will get results. There are actually 6 ways to use banana peel to help with your acne, see it all here

DIY lip exfoliate

If you’re still into the matte lip trend or suffer from flaky dry lips and looking to polish your pout, this easy lip exfoliate will take you from ashy to classy and keep your lips flake free during the dry season! All you need is some vaseline and a clean mascara wand (like those free ones at Sephora). Dip the wand in some vaseline and rub it all over your top and bottom lip. Gently scrub in circular motions then wipe off with a soft tissue then apply your lip product.

No more hair static!

If you get super frustrated every time you brush your hair because it becomes a static mess, then I have a solution for you! Just take a regular dryer sheet (no need to buy the professional hair product ones) and feed it through your hairbrush bristles.

Get the last drop from your mascara?

If you spent over $20 on mascara you sure as heck would want to get your money’s worth. If it starts to clump up, pour some contact lens solution (borrow your friends for those blessed with 20/20 vision) into your clumpy mascara tube to give it life again!

Aloe vera for hair and face/skin

We all know about the benefits and magic of coconut oil but combined with natural aloe vera it does wonders for your skin and hair! Make yourself a DIY mask by cutting up one of the plant’s leaves (you can pick up some aloe vera at Whole Foods) and set aside the sticky gel. Then put that all in a blender to create a hair mask! For your face, you can simply combine some honey with the sticky gel and rub directly onto your skin and leave on for 20 minutes. As with anything if you are prone to allergies, test on a small patch first before proceeding.

Socks as beauty blender

If you don’t want to spend money on a beauty blender, you can actually make your own using a sock! Mayra Isabel taught us that all you have to do is ball up a sock and apply your foundation onto the heel. Then do your makeup like you usually do! You can also just stick your hand into a sock and apply your makeup that way.

Rice paper face mask

Miami-based licensed aesthetician, Natasha Kimora showed us how to make a face mask using rice paper and hot water. Just cut the paper into a couple of sections, drench it in hot water, and then stick it directly onto your face!

See Also

Instant nail dryer

To get your nails to dry quickly, simply run them under cold water after you apply your top coat! Voila!

Lipstick stain remover

Did your new bloodwine Pat McGrath lipstick leave stains on your shirt collar, partner’s clothing? No need to make a dash for the dry cleaners, just spray the area with hairspray and then after it dries, wash it away with a cold wet cloth.

Use those last drops of concealer! 

You don’t have to throw away your concealer because the wand won’t reach the last drops. Just place the tube into a bowl of hot water for a minute and now, it will last for a couple more days! Do you have a beauty hack not show above? Let us know in the comments.

~Written by Isabelle Garreaud




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