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Clarins Introduces Spring 2015 Beauty Line

Clarins Introduces Spring 2015 Beauty Line

I’ve found that the best time to give my beauty routine a well deserved edit and haul out the old, aka stuff thats not working, to introduce the new is during the change of seasons. With daylight savings and spring on our heels, it was perfect timing to view Clarins’ spring 2015 line of beauty products.

The french luxury brand has been making its customers happy since its founding back in 1954 when Jacques Courtin-Clarins developed a massage oil infused essential oils and slimming properties designed to increase the effectiveness of skin-firming massages and the women loved it! It remains one of the few cosmetics brands, to date, that’s wholly committed to plant based skin care products.

On hand to show items from the spring line as well as her favorite products from Clarins was Robin Black. Robin is the LA based makeup artist, beauty editor, photographer and founder of who prior to working in beauty had a background in bio-chemistry.Clarins_DoubleSerum

The double serum, packed with anti-aging plant extracts, is no joke and in the one week that I’ve been using it twice a day (combined with cleanser and mild toner routine) there’s a certain glow and some shrinkage in the pores above my cheeks.   The cool thing about Clarins is that they also give you a step by step video guide on application of the products; instead of rubbing the product onto your face you’re actually supposed to press/pat onto the skin for better absorption.

Another product that’s sure to come in handy once the sun comes out to play consistently, though you are technically supposed to use it daily, is the multi protection SPF50 sunscreen. Its not heavy, provides a physical not chemical block and can be used alone or with tinted moisturizer.
Though known for skincare, makeup is something that Clarins prides itself on  and many makeup artists swear by and stock their kits with their items. For spring, the Garden Escape makeup collection includes a few new products to the Clarins line such as the Instant light comfort lip oil(honey & raspberry), that nourishes the lips and sinks right in rather than sit on the skin like silicone would, because lets face it moisturized supple lips trumps dry limp lips anyway.  You could easily wear this as gloss too.

lips oil clarins

Robin noted, their everlasting foundation in 13 different shades from  Ivory to Sienna, is right on trend as many of the beauty looks for spring are transitioning away from dewy to a more matte and polished look and with an 18hour lasting power, you can go from work to play and more with minimal touchup needed.

2015_30ml_Fond_de_teint_Teint_Haute_Tenue_114_Cappuccino CMYK

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Some of Robin’s favorite products from Clarins includes their Crayon Khôl Eye Pencil, Total V Contouring Serum, Instant Light Brush-On Perfector.

Day by day, as  we count down to when we can finally ditch the down filled or wool coats, switch out from boots to open toe sandals, I’m going to start getting in the spring spirit with Garden Escape. You can head over to Macy’s to get a look and try some of these products yourself.


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