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Tome Tuesday: Kyleigh Kuhn's Yearbook Afghanistan

Tome Tuesday: Kyleigh Kuhn's Yearbook Afghanistan

yearbook afghanistan

Kyleigh Kuhn’s “Yearbook Afghanistan” with photography by Ruvan Wijesooriya,  is the current talk and toast of the fashion set but don’t let that distract from the actual purpose of the book.  The model philanthropist is the daughter of Heidi Kuhn, founder of Roots of Peace an organization working to unearth dangerous landmines in war-torn countries. Kuhn in 2003 helped launch the Roots of Peace Penny Campaign to build schools in outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. The students from that school are the subjects of “Yearbook Afghanistan.”  All proceeds from “Yearbook Afghanistan” ($66) go directly to Roots of Peace.

The book can be purchased at Opening Ceremony locations or HERE

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