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Who's Who? Dr. Julius Few

Who's Who? Dr. Julius Few

You: Oh look it’s so and so
Friend: Who?
You: c’mon you know, he’s the_____,  involved in_____, friends with_____.
Friend: Their face maybe looks familiar I may have heard that name before but WHY should I know who that person is?
When we began SociaLifeChicago, part of our goal was to talk about and/or spotlight the who’s who of the city outside of the events they attend or may co-chair. There are many influential people that call this great city home, the problem is most of the time they are mostly known within their industry or the circle they move around. We would like to change that. People like Ellen Sandor, Sandra Guthman, James Rondeau(Art Institute), Eda Davidman, M. Jude & Chris Reyes, Eric & Cheryl McKissack etc. Most of these people go under the radar but what they do and the impact they have in the philanthropic, civic and corporate impacts a lot of things in this city. These are the kind of people we look unto or aspire to achieve the influence, status and perhaps even wealth. We will bring you a monthly Who’s Who of these people. So when you attend that next gala, cocktail party, or event you will recognize them.

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We begin with  Dr. Julius Few. He is a world renowned plastic surgeon who received his training at University of Chicago went on to practice at Northwestern Memorial hospital and then opened up his own practice. Dr. Few has taken care of some of the most recognizable faces around town and he’s most known for his non-surgical aesthetic treatments.
Dr. Few is a trendsetter, entrepreneur, father but most of all someone that aims to make his patients look as good on the outside as they feel inside. He was mentored by Valerie Jarrett’s dad, counts Modern Luxury’s John Carroll, Johnson Publishing Desiree Rogers, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta to name a few as close friends.

Michigan State, Harvard, Univ of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Crain’s(’02) “Forty under 40” and more. Dr. Julius Few is who’s who.

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