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What's For Dinner? Meet Plated

What's For Dinner? Meet Plated

It could be the fact that we here at SLC startups ourselves, the thought of having one less thing to worry about in our hectic lives, OR maybe because it has to do with food and we food. Whatever it is we get really excited when we find out about other awesome startups especially this one founded by Harvard Business School alums Nick Taranto and Josh Hix. You should meet Plated.

Plated is a gourmet dinner kit delivery service that allows you to have more fun in the kitchen perhaps even tapping into that inner top chef you’ve been repressing.

Plated Box

The best part? It eliminates the stress of grocery shopping which may mean trips to 3 different shops, meal planning, hunting for recipes especially when planning a 5+ person dinner party. They deliver everything your recipe calls for including the protein (meat), the spices and even oil if the recipe calls for it. Plated delivers in the Chicagoland area and certain parts of the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country.

Plated has different options of member and non-member pricing. Memebers get $10 membership + 4 plates at $12/plate; Non-members- A La Carte 4 plates/$15 per plate, 6+ plates $14/per plate.

Let’s face it you’ve been in situations where you invited people over for dinner only you realize a day before you’re not quite sure what to serve or have the time to run around town getting the ingredients.

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Here’s how it works: Plated will introduce a new menu at the the beginning of every week for you to choose from. Once you order it, ALL pre-portioned ingredients and recipes are delivered to your doorstep(or designated address) and then you take it from there.
Each menu has been curated by nutritionists and top chefs.

This concept is just perfect in our opinion. Imagine you want to host dinner for 6 people and you’re knee deep in deadline and no assistants? Order from  Plated and all you have to do is get a case of wine and let the fun begin.
Now all you have to worry about is what wine to serve (there’s an app for that) and what filter to use for your instagram food shots that’s sure to follow.

*image via Plated.

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