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Zen Moments Among The Chaos Of The Airport

Zen Moments Among The Chaos Of The Airport

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You diligently planned your upcoming getaway and worked right up until it was time to head to the airport. As you look down at your struggle feet and chipped nails, you realize that the one thing you forgot to plan was that much needed mani-pedi and now you’re about to spend and hour or more siting in the airport, waiting to board your plane to paradise with 3 layers of callus on your feet and struggle nails. If only you could get a mani pedi! Now you can, surprisingly at the airport and it’s not only a good way to kill time but you also get a great service because let’s face it, a little r&r beats the chase for an outlet anytime.
Slept wrong on that 5 hour flight now your neck is a little crooked? A legit massage at the airport is in order and you can also get one at the airport.

At Chicago’s O’Hare airport, there are 2 full service spas to take advantage of that offers mani, pedi, deep tissue, couples massage and even facials. Terminal Getaway Spa, located in both terminal 1 and terminal 3 is like an unexpected oasis. Crunched for time but need to get that polish changed, in about 20 minutes you can. If you have more time to spare, you can treat yourself to a full mani-pedi or full body massage in one of their private rooms. Though you can get a clear view of the airplanes and runways, you won’t hear a peep!
Pricing is comparable to what most spa’s and salons charge so it’s not like the sticker shock you get when you order a sausage egg mcmuffin and sausage and its 2x the normal price.  No you don’t get one of those creepy(to me) massage chairs while you get a pedi but what you do get are very attentive associates that will scrub the dead life out of your feet. True story, during my session I had gone about 2 months without a pedi(covers eyes) so my feet was beyond struggle and Ronnie brought it back to life.


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As many of you plan your upcoming summer getaways or late spring break, or for ye frequent travelers, this information will come in handy. They have complete O.P.I range of products and their massage rooms are very tranquil. You’ll truly be on the right track before your getaway or business trip.

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