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Meet The Next Generation Of African American Leaders of Chicago

Meet The Next Generation Of African American Leaders of Chicago

Frank Clark, John Rogers Jr, Mellody Hobson, Linda Johnson Rice, Jim Reynolds, Les Coney, Verette Mims, Quintin Primo, Toni Preckwinkle, Marty Nesbitt, Lyle Logan, are some of the African Americans who are the current leaders and power players on Chicago’s corporate/philanthropy scene; but who will be next? The Chicago Urban League has made it a mission to find and help cultivate the next generation of African American leaders through their IMPACT program and these 32 young professionals just completed the programs as the 2016 IMPACT fellows. They are lawyers, finance execs, educators and more.

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The Chicago Urban League in partnership with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business established IMPACT, “a leadership development program of Informed, Motivated, Perceptive, Authentic, and Connected Talent who will form the next generation of Chicago leaders available to fill critical roles in the Chicago community and the business, public, and nonprofit sectors” Their inaugural class was in 2015. Even in 2016, the opportunities afforded to young professional african americans are slim and so this program gives these emerging African American leaders the opportunity to advance their career paths while CUL helps to build a more diverse leadership pipeline across the city. You might not know all of them right now but we are sure they will become familiar as they move up their respective career ladder and hopefully offer opportunites for generations to come as those before them have done. See the list of candidates and their professional backgrounds HERE.



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images via: Chicago Urban League

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