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Johnson Publishing CEO Desirée Rogers Shares Her Path To Success

Johnson Publishing CEO Desirée Rogers Shares Her Path To Success

Many women aspiring to the C-suite level or future as CEO look at Johnson Publishing CEO Desirée Rogers as inspiration and some even count her as mentor,  but for those unable to get face-face access to her Bloomberg Businessweek recently did a feature on her called “How I got here.” In it she talks about her evolution from her beginnings in New Orleans as “a tall, lanky girl with an Afro at a predominantly white school” to now head of the magazine publishing and cosmetics company under the Johnson Publishing umbrella, and all her career moves in between.

How Did I Get Here? Desirée Rogers Bloomberg-businessweek


The Wellesley College, and Harvard Business School grad, former White House Social Secretary even touched on the Salahi White House  dinner crasher scandal but many probably didn’t know during her time at the White House her working “hours were approximately 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. We did 350 events in a year, and I wanted it to be magical for everyone. The whole scandal with the Salahis coming into the White House was a distraction. So, you know, time to go.” A life lesson she shared was “Life is a continuous journey; only you can let it get you down.” You can read the rest of the article here.

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