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Illinois Residents On Forbes’ 2018 Billionaire List

Illinois Residents On Forbes’ 2018 Billionaire List

Ken Griffin is once again on top when it comes to being the richest man in Illinois. Forbes released their annual Billionaire list with Jeff Bezos, the first centi-billionaire taking the #1 spot this year with $112 Billion and Mr. Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel came in at #172. Below is a list of the Illinois. You can view the complete Forbes 2018 Billionaire list including those under 40 and billionaires across the globe.


#172 Ken Griffin $9 B 49 hedge funds United States
#404 Sam Zell $4.9 B 76 real estate, private equity United States
#527 Thomas Pritzker $4.1 B 67 hotels, investments United States
#652 Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker $3.5 B 53 hotels, investments United States
#729 Neil Bluhm $3.2 B 80 real estate United States
#791 Jean (Gigi) Pritzker $3 B 55 hotels, investments United States
#822 Joseph Grendys $2.9 B 56 poultry processing United States
#859 Penny Pritzker $2.8 B 58 hotels, investments United States
#859 Mark Walter $2.8 B 57 finance United States
#887 Ty Warner $2.7 B 73 real estate, plush toys United States
#924 Patrick Ryan $2.6 B 80 insurance United States
#965 Joe Mansueto $2.5 B 61 investment research United States
#1103 Eric Lefkofsky $2.2 B 48 Groupon United States
#1284 Jennifer Pritzker $1.9 B 67 hotels, investments United States
#1561 Nicholas Pritzker, II. $1.5 B 74 hotels, investments United States
#1650 Michael Krasny $1.4 B 64 retail United States
#1650 Jerry Reinsdorf $1.4 B 82 sports teams United States

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