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RNC Ends, NBA Pulls Out, Isabel Marant Investor, Ailes Out & More

RNC Ends, NBA Pulls Out, Isabel Marant Investor, Ailes Out & More

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Doomsday. RNC came to a close last night and what a ride. Peter Thiel, the silicon valley investor, and one of yesterday’s speakers said he was proud to be gay and the transgender bathroom issue was a distraction. Ivanka Trump, with glowing remarks about her father and what he would do for women, equal pay etc, introduced the 2016 GOP presidential candidate. Right off the bat as he began his speech it was all doom, gloom and fear mongering. Media outlets fact checking some of the stats he dropped afterwards proved many of his “plain facts that have been edited out of your nightly news and your morning newspaper” were not even close. Donald Trump proclaimed himself the law and order candidate. He made mention of increasing violence including Chicago, in his speech. Though he’s never took a liking to diversity related topics (“Look at my African-American over here”) said he would help poverty in the latino and black community.  Elsewhere, reports are stating that male prostitutes are making tons of money down in Cleveland…Read more


• The search for a missing India military plane with about 20 people on board is underway.

• Amazon is getting in the student loan biz in the form of a partnership with Wells Fargo, for Amazon Prime members. It will offer Amazon Prime Student members a 0.50% discount on private student loans taken out through Wells Fargo Education Financial Services, as well as being eligible for an additional 0.25% discount for enrolling in automatic monthly repayments.


• America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is getting a reboot with production currently underway. The show will be hosted by Rita Ora and feature judges including Chicago native, fashion stylist Law Roach, model Ashley Graham and Paper magazine creative officer Drew Elliot, aka @drewpsie.

•  The NBA is taking a stand against North Carolina’s House Bill 2 legislation and pulling the 2017 All Star game with their sites possibly set on New Orleans. North Carolina governor Pat McCrory signed the bill that reversed a Charlotte ordinance extending rights to members of the LGBT community, back in March.


• Last month it was revealed Isabel Marant had been in “advanced discussions” with Montefiore, now the deal is confirmed by WWD. French investment firm, Montefiore, has taken a 51% stake in the french fashion brand, making this their first fashion brand investment. Last year, Isabel Marant posted wholesale revenues of 150 million.

“When you start recognizing that you’re having fun, life can be delightful.” ― Jane Birkin

Roger Ailes is out (kind of), Rupert Murdoch is now in charge at Fox

Watch Celine Dion do impressions of Rihanna, Cher, Sia and Ariana Grande

A Chicago police officer was shot in the leg; the assailant was shot dead

Prince George turns three and that means new photos

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