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RBG vs Trump, Jennifer Aniston, Hermès & Pierre Hardy, MLB All Star + More

RBG vs Trump, Jennifer Aniston, Hermès & Pierre Hardy, MLB All Star + More

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RBG vs Trump. With The Republican National Convention a few days away and it seems there are security concerns especially for nominee Donald Trump, who was in Chicago yesterday for a fundraiser at an undisclosed location but snubbed by IL Republican governor Bruce Rauner. Notorious RBG aka Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not backing down from her comments about him as a “faker” though some are questioning why a supreme court justice is commenting on a presidential candidate…Read more


• The MLB All Star game last night saw the American league take the W 4-2. David Ortiz aka Big Papi did not score a homer as he had hoped, though Cubs’ Kris Bryant did hit one off a Chris Sale pitch (thanks Dad!). We can all agree though that those uniforms were beyond fugly. A singer added an ad-lib during the Canadian national anthem.

• .Japan’s emperor Akihito has announced his intention to abdicate in the coming years. He has been head of state for 27 years and his abdication would be an unprecedented move in modern Japan. Shinzo Abe is the Prime Minister.


• Jennifer Aniston, writing in a blog post for the Huffington Post took aim at the “absurd and disturbing” objectification of women. Last month while on vacation with her husband, tabloids speculated she might be pregnant but it turns out it was just a food baby (stars, they’re just like us!). She is NOT pregnant, she is fed up.

• Its only July but Oscar buzz for Loving is already heating up now that its trailer was just released. One of the hot favorites from Cannes about interracial couple at the center of the landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1967 just debut its trailer. The film features Joel Edgerton and Ruth Nega.


• Hermès International has reportedly taken a minority stake in Pierre Hardy’s brand founded in 1999, by Pierre Hardy. He is not new to the Hermès world as he’s designed men’s and women’s shoes at Hermès since 1990 as well as being part of the team that created the Apple watch for Hermès last year.

• The Tamara Mellon brand has a new CEO, Jill Layfield, as it emerges from 60-day period of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and re-establishes itself as a direct to consumer footwear collection reports WWD. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) participated in its $12mil Series A funding earlier this year.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” ― W.B. Yeats

JP Morgan is raising minimum wage for 18,000 employees over next 3 years

Obamacare in Illinois shutting down, 49,000 will lose health coverage

What’s In A Name? Siskel Film Center Celebrates Scarlett Johansson

Tesla has confirmed auto pilot was activated when one of its cars crashed Sunday 

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