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Getting Your Signature Makeup Look

Getting Your Signature Makeup Look

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a lot of us spend a lot of time and money trying to perfect that beauty. Lipsticks, mascara, foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadow palettes, serum, lip liner, translucent powder and then some. Sometimes all your everyday makeup regimen needs is just a few products to achieve your signature look.

Though we may hate to admit it out loud, sometimes, certain celebrities provide us with beauty inspirations and a few have a signature look that’s enviable. Celebrites such as Kim Kardashian-West with her nude lips and heavily contoured cheekbones, Gwen Stefani and her red lip and  Diva Von Teese with black liner rimmed cat eyes and red lips have made these their signature looks and though they may have enlisted the services of highly paid makeup artists that doesn’t mean you have to cough up an arm and kidney to get the same treatment. All you need is a beauty expert to walk you through and products to achieve the look and that’s what I learned during Sephora’s beauty class.

The beauty classes are free for beauty insiders and you can reserve your spot online, HERE.

sephora university face shape contouring


First take note of your face shape. To begin, like a painting, you need a foundation. I didn’t know which of the foundations available were a match to my skintone so they used Sephora’s color IQ  device to match my tone with several products that were available. Then instructed on how to create highlight and contour with shade lighter than your skin tone concealer to highlight and a shade darker than your skin tone foundation for the contour.

What I realized is that my signature look, in addition to a soft foundation as base, must consist of power brows, achieved using Anastasia brow wiz, concealer to highlight,  blush for cheeks, nude lips and off I go!

What’s your signature makeup look?

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