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The Fitness Class To Try When Short On Time But Have #FitnessGoals

The Fitness Class To Try When Short On Time But Have #FitnessGoals

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In this day and age when you are being pulled in all directions, no one has time for extended workouts especially when time is so precious and you’ve got places to be, work to get done and people to see. Between fighting the snooze button, meetings, deadlines, volunteering or whatever extracurricular you do and then having time to yourself, making time to workout can seem like a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Equinox feels you and that’s why they are introducing a hot, pun intended, class called Firestarter. 


Not everyone can afford Hillary Duff’s hottie trainer Jason Walsh, Kourtney Kardashian’s Don Brooks or even a personal training session at their gym (unless you go to planet fitness #noshade) so having a class that gets straight to the point and produces results is paramount.  Firestarter is the next generation of cardio HIIT training where you blaze through a day’s worth of cardio in 30 minutes by using your body weight and a step bench as you go through innovative sequences that will crush your personal best. 


The new class is on the heels of Equinox’s new “Commit to Something” campaign, an intimate, provocative and deeply moving exploration of personal identity featuring A series of seven images shot by world-renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein. Equinox is a membership based luxury fitness club with several locations in the Chicagoland area.

In search of the perfect workout outfit to go with your #fitnessgoals. I love this Lululemon tights because that band get’s your mid section all together and these Nike sportsbra for those well endowed ladies.

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