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Equinox Chicago Has a New Class You Need to Take Right Now

Equinox Chicago Has a New Class You Need to Take Right Now

equinox_47658_strength_launch_sept16Stuck in a fitness rut? We get it, winter is coming. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking to shakeup your workout routine so you’re not stuck on the stairmaster for the third time this week or aimlessly browsing through Pinterest for workout inspo.  Equinox has the answer with their new team circuit training class, Pure Strength. I recently had the chance to check out the class at Equinox’s Lincoln Park location and if you’re looking for a full body class that won’t have you in the gym for 1.5+ hours, this is it.


The 45-minute Pure Strength class was created by Chicago-based personal trainer Dennis Rittenhouse incorporating weights and body resistance to tone without bulking you up. The class pushed my fellow classmates and I to complete circuits all while mixing up various exercises such as pull-ups, planks,  arm presses and deadlifts to keep us constantly challenged; It worked!

The class was fun and energetic, and the continuous circuit from exercise to exercise kept you pumped for the next task, all while keeping your heart rate up. And of course there was plenty of Kanye playing in the background to keep us hustling.

tumblr_nvbcil6dxa1rdpi3fo1_500I like group fitness classes like Pure Strength for a bunch of reasons. Group classes push you harder than you’d normally push yourself, and your classmates motivate your fitness goals. (Plus we love checking out everyone’s cute athleisure gear). Pure Strength does all of these things, and more. So next time you’re thinking of choosing between the elliptical or the treadmill- head over to Equinox instead and get your Pure Strength on.

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