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Virgil Abloh Ordered To Rest, Designer To Work From Chicago Next Three Months

Virgil Abloh Ordered To Rest, Designer To Work From Chicago Next Three Months

Off-White founder, Louis Vuitton Mens’s artistic director, Nike collaborator, Global DJ, husband, father. These are just some of the roles and title designer Virgil Abloh has undertaken, sometimes all together and it seems the toll of travel and work may have caught up with the multi-hyphenate and as he recently told,“I’m shifting gears…Essentially I’m working from home for the next three months, and in large part all my marketing events I’m cancelling.”

According to In August, he explained, he was having a harder time than usual “bouncing back” from a recent overseas trip. “I was just tired, so I went to the doctor. Ultimately,” he continued, “everything is fine, but the doctor told me ‘this pace that you’ve sort of pushed your body—to fly all these miles, do all these different projects—is not good for your health.’” Which means some of his previously committed events and public appearances with Ikea and Nike and participation in Vogue’s third annual Forces of Fashion summit, as well as the November opening of his exhibition Figures of Speech at the High Museum in Atlanta, he will not be attending. Here’s to wishing him speedy recovery but if you see him at Soho House, or West Loop don’t be surprised.


featured image photo credit: Katrina Wiittkamp

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