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Vespers & Oysters At Hugo's Frog Bar

Vespers & Oysters At Hugo's Frog Bar

Though we’re always on the quest to find the new, hot at the moment spots to eat and drink around town, nothing beats a reliable favorite spot where you are treated well, the food is great(that crab cake tho) and the drinks get the job done. Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House on Rush St. is one of those places. To some it’s a neighborhood hangout and others a treat on a special occasion. Their menu features a wide range or The restaurant recently introduced an oyster bar.

HUgos Frog Bar Oyster Bar

Each day, they serve a selection of fresh East and West Coast oysters, so you can just saddle up to the bar and enjoy. Chef Brian taught us the proper way to shuck an oyster which involves a good sturdy oyster knife and gloves.  But what to do if you are a novice to the whole oyster eating thing? Being a picky eater, I’d always been scared to eat oysters because I thought they tasted and smelled fishy but boy was I wrong and what better place to get an intro into oyster eating. Thankfully Hugo’s Executive Chef Brian Key and General Manager Sil Prassas walked me through, explaining how to eat it and what a mignonette is. I will say it was definitely not what I was expecting and definitely  going back for more.

Bonus, we learned how to make a Vesper, a classic cocktail that consists of Lillet, Gin, Vodka shaken and served cold.

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photo credit: Holly Max Myrick

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