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Tome Tuesday: Caught in the ACT

Tome Tuesday: Caught in the ACT


Some of our favorite celebrities/actors are often photographed in a pr constructed view or in front of the camera portraying a character they’ve studied and researched. In Howard Schatz’s new book “Caught in the Act’ 85 actors, like actual celebrities with film, TV & broadway laurels under their belt are given different situations to react to and Schatz captures these so easily.

From John Malkovich whose image also covers the book, Taraji P. Henson, Michael Douglas, Bobby Canavale, Joan Allen, Jane Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Jeanne tripplehorn and many of these familiar faces fill the Gliterrati Inc published book of Howard Schutz, Beverly Ornstein and Owen Edwards’ “Caught in The Act.”


You’re a little kid swallowing a spoonful of medicine your mother said would taste good but now says that if it doesn’t taste awful, it won’t make you better. 


*Images: from Caught in the Act: Actors Acting by Howard Schatz, © 2013, published by Glitterati Incorporated

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