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Tome Tuesday: 1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas by Ari Bendersky

Tome Tuesday: 1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas by Ari Bendersky

You’ve ordered what’s described as the most delicious succulent dish on the menu but before you get the first taste, you absolutely must take a picture, and post it hashtag #foodporn.

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But what if the the picture didn’t get the effect you hope for because you didn’t position the flash properly or staged it better? And now Ari Bendersky currently Director of Content at Abe’s Market*, respected food writer who used to helm Eater Chicago and has written for NY Times, Crains Chicago, Associated Press,, Chicago Tribune to name a few,  is coming out with book full of these and  has culled some of the best #foodporn pictures so take notes.
1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas: Mouth Watering Food Presentations from Chefs, Photographers, and Bloggers from Around the Globe is a 320 page tome chock full of visually stunning dishes that will give you inspiration to create your own.

1,000 of the best food art presentations from around the world. From Italy to China to the United States, the photos highlight the best food art presentations each country has to offer, submitted by professional photographers, food stylists, chefs, and food bloggers. You’ll learn new techniques for staging your food to make it an out-of-world experience for your guests. This is a visual showcase designed to provide endless inspiration for anyone who loves food, styling, and photography.

The book will be available in November but you can pre-order it now. CLICK HERE TO PREORDER

*PS: have you shopped Abes market? there’s a lot of good healthy stuff that won’t break the wallet

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