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This Week’s Recommended Must Read News

This Week’s Recommended Must Read News

Throughout the week we come across a good deal of interesting reads, some long some short, that didn’t make it into our ‘Hotness in the News‘ daily morning newsletter,  that we think you should still check out. From celeb gossip to case studies and ways to help develop better habits personally and professionally, we are always reading about it and want to share it with you week in week out.  To subscribe to the morning daily Hotness In the News, which curates and delivers 7+ news making headlines that day into your inbox so you can make small talk better, sign up here. Here’s our recommended must read news for the week.

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There was a time following and featuring bloggers(first person accounts, individual style) was such a joy to do and then it all turned so robotic and everyone wanted to be the same aesthetic blah blah blah but we love following Ceta’s site and insta account Clark and Stone. You get the fun, real and fab. Check out her recent writeup on her 2020 intentions as she deals with breast cancer(sending her so much love and prayers) and divorce. [CLARK AND STONE]


A white woman volunteers to host a dinner in her home for seven other white women – often strangers, perhaps acquaintances in order to understand how/why they are racist. Welcome to ‘Race to Dinner’ where the co-founders look to challenge liberal white women to accept their racism, however subconscious. [THE GUARDIAN]


Nordstrom has a curated thrift store called See You Tomorrow and its glorious; like could we LOVE Nordies anymore?! Def have some picks below in what we’re shopping this week. [THE CUT]


Awards season is almost over but one of the big ones across the pond, The BAFTAs had some of the leading ladies bringing the razzle, dazzle and glam to the red carpet making our list of Best Dressed Celebs.   [SOCIALIFECHICAGO]


As competitive as we might be, we tip our hats and give praise where its due and Shia Kapos and Adrienne’s daily Politico Illinois Playbook gets er done and gives the scoop. Even if politics is not your thing, you still get the gist and then some. [POLITICO ILLINOIS PLAYBOOK]


This was a brilliant account to start. The insta (in)famous meme star  Tank Sinatra is here with a new account, Influencers in The Wild. Which shows BTS-esque but kinda like voyeur bloopers of influencers doing the funniest, craziest thing to get the shot. [INFLUENCERS IN THE WILD]


HBR says these are the four characteristics that distinguish the networking behaviors of more-successful women from those of their peers. Because networking isn’t all abut just collecting business cards or accepting/sending LinkedIn invitations. [HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW]


You probably already follow/stalk these beauty pros of color on insta and so glad Vogue is shining a spotlight on them in the March issue of the magazine. Meet the New Class of Beauty Pros Bringing Real Inclusivity Backstage.  [VOGUE]


Not all heroes wear capes and not everyone that works their tail off to contribute to a successful movie gets their dues but glad this crucial part of the Quentin Tarantino directed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is getting profiled. According to the films producer Shannon McIntosh “no one is better at going down rabbit holes and finding things that are completely hard to find than” Loren Roberts. Roberts was the man in charge of tracking down all manner of media clip clearances for the film — from the KHJ radio air checks of songs and commercials from 1969 to film elements hibernating in Pennsylvania salt mines — in order to forge a treasure trove for Tarantino to pull from. [THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER]

Who isn’t always on the hunt for good skincare products. Lucky for you some beauty editors are sharing products they’ve tested and love. The thing with these types of content while fun and informational to read, most of the time I buy a product that catches my eye and BOOM! skin reaction on 100, but worth the read nontheless. Beauty Editors Can Have Any Skincare Products But Use These for Flawless Skin. [WHOWHATWEAR]


Even with it being the thick of winter in Chicago, there’s surprisingly A TON of things to do in and around the city this month. With the NBA All Star game landing Valentines weekend as well as a highly anticipated fashionable exhibition opening, some professional luncheons with the mayor of Chicago and fundraisers your social calendar will not be dry for lack of events. Get out there and make a new or few friends this month. [SOCIALIFECHICAGO]

Pamela Anderson got secretly married and then 12 days later, poof! The marriage is done and turns out it wasn’t official to begin with. US Weekly has the exclusive scoop. Oh love! [US WEEKLY]

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Whats an easy word you’re embarrassed to admit you have trouble spelling? The list is long over here: Necessary, definitely, Exersice for beginners. Thank goodness for auto-correct

What We’re Eyeing, Loving & Shopping This Week


If you’re looking for a clean beauty brand that gets it? Ellis Brooklyn is it. Was sent this amazing scent to test and lets just say I loved it but my partner loved it even more and now will be ordering for both of us. Ellis Brooklyn WEST


Hourglass can just go ahead and take all my money as I eat another egg sandwich because #beauty. My favorite red lippie that’s a moisturizing matte (can you believe) is from the brand so curious to try these new shade(s) of the Confession™ Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick.


It’s still sweata weatha here in Chicago so this Hanifa Emi knit sweater is perfect statement piece with a knit skirt, skinny jeans or pleated midi. And its under $50!

Already planning spring/summer outfits and this DVF Heidi Platform Sandal would work with a bright skirt

Photo via PopSugar

In need of a power pump that says I mean business even its but for a few minutes or 3 hours max and these “in great condition” Jimmy Choo 4″ Romy’ Pointy Toe pumps look to meet the mark.

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