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SociaLifeChicago's Fun Fab Singles of 2014

SociaLifeChicago's Fun Fab Singles of 2014

Our #loveweek wouldn’t be complete without some fun fab Chicago singles. Jeff Schear, Lizmarie Oliveras and Georges Tchankwe all embody SociaLifeChicago qualities; They are young, fun and driven.
I hope you enjoy reading about these singles, they are looking so if you want to make an intro drop me an email, but please don’t be creepy or thirsty about it.
Many thanks to Thompson Chicago for a fab shoot location and  they are currently offering a sexy fab Valentines special offer.
Meet SociaLifeChicago’s Fun Fab Singles!


Jeff Schaer_fun fab_slc

Occupation: Commercial Photographer

Sexual Orientation: Straight
College? Ohio University
Most awkward date you’ve ever been on? Plead the 5th
One thing you don’t get about the opposite sex? Plead the 5th
Your 3 favorite spots in Chicago:
1. Nomi @ Park Hyatt
2. Shedd Aquarium
3. Art Institute of Chicago.
Are you on social media if so, which ones? Twitter: @jeffschear | Facebook: jsvisuals | LinkedIN |  my WEBSITE
Jeff Schear
Wine? Liquor? Beer? None?  I prefer Red Wine
What was the last fun place you traveled to? Nassau, Bahamas.
Are you Into sports? if so which one(s)? These days I’m into running, martial arts, yoga.
What type of music are you into? All music.
Are you involved in any charities or board in Chicago? Wade’s World Foundation. I’ve been active, doing photography for the foundation for the past 4 years. Working with Tragil Wade and her brother Dwyane Wade (NBA Miami Heat).
What do you love about Chicago? It’s a beautiful city with a nice balance of population/opportunity/community.
Are you a desert person? Desert as in sand and sun? Or dessert as in cake? Either way I like both. But yes deserts are very cool places to wander.
You have 24 hours to plan a memorable date in summertime Chicago, what would you plan? If it’s summertime in Chicago, it is memorable by default.


Liz Marie fun fab_slc

Occupation: Co-Founder of CALL HER ØLIVE & Marketing Manager of PrettyQuick

Sexual Orientation: Straight

College? University of Chicago

Most awkward date you’ve ever been on?  I don’t really date much so I guess I don’t have any juicy stories. Sorry!

One thing you don’t get about the opposite sex?
I was very close to my dad and grandpa growing up so men are not really a mystery to me, the’ve given me a pretty good scoop.

Your 3 favorite spots in Chicago:
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Molly’s Cupcakes and any rooftop bar (during the summer).

Are you on social media if so, care to share your IG, twitter?  Twitter: @callherlm |  Instagram: @callherlm

Wine? Liquor? Beer? None?
Wine, I love Tuscan wines particularly Chianti. I’ve also started to get into craft beers recently, apparently I like ‘hoppy’ beers.

What was the last fun place you traveled to?
My last big trip was Paris & Amsterdam which was a lot of fun but I have to say I enjoy my trips home to Puerto Rico the most. I love spending time with my family and it’s always nice to escape the Chicago weather for a few weeks during Christmas time.

Are you Into sports? if so which one(s)?
I’m a HUGE sports fan, specially soccer! I’ve been a Real Madrid since the Zidane years and I’m literally counting the days for the World Cup.

What type of music are you into?
I like a lot of different things, right now I’m super into local bands like California Wives and GlassLux. I also love to dance so good Salsa music is a must in my life.

What do you love about Chicago?   I love exploring the different neighborhoods and discovering cool new spots to eat or have a drink.

Are you a dessert person?  Yes! I can’t say no to dessert, ever.

Liz Marie Fun Fab_slc_loveweek

You have 24 hours to plan a memorable date in summertime Chicago, what would you plan?
I love being outside so I would probably plan a nice picnic by the lake followed by a friendly game of beach volleyball and maybe stay around for the Navy Pier fireworks.




Georges Tchankwe_slc
Occupation: Technical Project Manager – Cabin Systems. Inflight Entertainment Systems.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

College(s)? B.S. Electrical Engineering, Western Michigan University; M.S. Electrical Engineering Wichita State University; MBA George Mason University

Most awkward date you’ve ever been on? I would have to admit that I have been the one making dates awkward if I am not feeling the person. It doesn’t take much to get a woman not to ever want to see you again. Besides that, my choice of whom I go with on a date has most of the time been pretty balanced, and things have gone smooth.


One thing you don’t get about the opposite sex? The fact women always expect men to read their mind. I’m a very direct person … a little too direct at times, so I appreciate when a person a straight forward with me. That helps with misunderstandings.


Your 3 favorite spots in Chicago:

  • Place to look at, nothing beats Lake Shore Drive in the summer, it is my Sunday drive. I make it a point to go from my neighborhood in Lakeview  and head south til 67th street, then do a U-turn, heading back all the way North. Also I accidentally found George Beach about  4 years ago and I usually stop there, and go for a walk on the sand.
  • Everybody enjoys a walk at Navy Pier. I usually start biking from my place(lake view), all the way to Navy Pier, and from there I walk around and enjoy the people and activities around me.
  • I’m a big eater, and my favorite spot to eat at is a small Jamaican restaurant in Lincoln park called Ja’grill. I used to go there twice a week, but my travels have limited my ability to make it out there as much as I’d like to.

I love Chicago in general. I always say, driving home from work (work being in Schaumburg), I always feel alive once I see the big buildings, there is just something special about this city that wakes you up, and motivates you to go for your dreams. Chicago is the best city in the world to me-in the summer.

Are you on social media if so, care to share your IG, twitter? Yes, I’m on LinkedIn and of course Facebook. I haven’t really gotten into twitter, though people seem to have fun on it.

See Also
Photo image of the downtown landscape of chicago featuring tall buildings and the famous chicago cloud gate aka the bean in Millennium Park

Wine? Liquor? Beer? None? I only drink foreign beers, in particular Belgian beers. Favorite is Chimay, but the most common I drink is Leffe (all 6 flavors). I also love drinking wine, my favorite being Merlot.

What was the last fun place you traveled to?  I go abroad quite often actually, and I always make it a point to choose a fun place. I go to France and Cameroon at least once a year, since both countries are home to me (I was born in Cameroon and partially raised in France, till high school).

Last year I made it a point to visit a place a little out of the ordinary. I went to Chile  in South America. I visited Santiago de Chile, as well as Valparaiso. Lots of fun and wine.

Are you into sports? If so which one(s)?  I love watching sports. Being from Cameroon, playing soccer was natural to me. My favorite sports have always been tennis though, and Formula One racing. But since I moved to America, I’ve very much been into American Football, Basketball;  all major sports.

I myself do not practice any particular sport, but I exercise quite a bit. I’m actually a personal trainer, and I’ve helped many people lose a lot of weight in very short periods of time through exercise and diet advices.

What type of music are you into?  Being raised abroad, I’ve been into all kinds of music. At one time, country was my favorite type of music. My favorite singer is actually a French country singer named Francis Cabrel. But I’m a world citizen and virtually listen to everything.

 Are you involved in any charities or board in Chicago?  I’m part of the Chicago chapter of the National Black MBA Association, where I mentor high school student. I take pride in giving back to the community as it is very rewarding to see a person succeed because of the actions we did for them.  I’m also involved in the Chicagoland chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, and well as the Chicago Care program. I’m always looking for opportunities to volunteer, so if you have any suggestions i’d love to hear it 😉

What do you love about Chicago? I love the Chicago, and I find it to be the best city in the world (**in the summer). The city has something special in itself and brings the best out of me in a way that it makes me shoot for the sky when I see all the possibilities. Besides the beautiful neighborhood, and the various activities, there is just something that makes me feel alive about this city that I don’t have words to describe.


Are you a dessert person?  Not really, but you’d better believe that if there is a hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top on a menu, I’m having it.

You have 24 hours to plan a memorable date in summertime Chicago, what would you plan?  The day would start with a ride along Lake Shore Drive from the north side to the south, then breakfast at Carmines in the Gold Coast. We will then go for a short walk at Navy Pier, to digest the food.  We would then head home and rest for a couple of hours and prepare for  one of the various festivals happening in town. After the festival, we would head out for dinner at Ja’grill, which is always a winner in the  summer, given the ambiance and the happy people having a good time.

I’m a Salsa dancer, and a trip to a Latin dance event will probably be the best way to end the evening. Ladies are usually pretty shy at trying new things, but I’ve always been pretty good at teaching the basic Salsa steps to just about anybody. I would feel very tempted to take the lady back to George Beach before taking her home but again, it depends on how much she enjoyed herself and whether she’d want to see me again.

Georges Tchankwe

Photography: Aaron Ryskiewicz
Location: Thomspson Chicago

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