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Chuck & Candace Jordan On Her Proposal & Marrying Your Best Friend

Chuck & Candace Jordan On Her Proposal & Marrying Your Best Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Some of you may have a significant other to celebrate this day of love with and if you don’t know that you are surrounded by love.
Our final couple for #Loveweek is someone that’s a well recognized face on Chicago’s social scene but a force like Candace Jordan can’t be without a loving man like her husband Chuck. Here they share how they met, advice for frustrated singles and why your spouse is your best friend.

 Candace and Chuck Jordan Love

SLC: How did you meet?
We met in 1989 at the old Palm Restaurant on E. Lake Shore Drive, a mutual friend introduced us.

SLC: Has marriage changed the way you date each other?
Marriage hasn’t changed the way we “date” each other. After 25 years, we still enjoy doing everything we can together. I feel like he’s a part of me and vice versa. We have the same opinions, in general, and enjoy the same things…..a big key to a successful marriage.

SLC: How do you manage love in this digital age we live in?
We manage very well. We still send old fashioned cards to each other but it’s always nice to see a “love” text pop up while you’re out running around like a chicken with your head cut off in this crazy world.  We combine the best of both worlds, old fashioned and 21st century.

SLC: If you could describe your spouse in 3 words:
Chuck on Candace: My entire life
Candace on Chuck: Kind, Smart, Funny
Paris Honeymoon

SLC: What advice would you give frustrated singles looking for love, maybe sometimes in the wrong places?
I would advise them to follow their instincts. Your gut feeling usually is always the right one but, sadly, oftentimes people listen to their hearts and nothing else. I would also pay attention to recommendations from friends. They wouldn’t intentionally lead you astray and usually have a better read on what you need than you do.

SLC: How did you propose to Candace Chuck?
Candace: I proposed to Chuck at Oprah’s old restaurant Eccentric.  We were married 6 months later at the Drake Hotel.

SLC: How often do you talk a day?
We never STOP talking! And this is really the truth. I call him when I’m out several times a day and then we share all we know once we’re home together.

SLC: What’s the one advice that you were given before your marriage that has carried you through?
Candace: An advice that’s carried me through is to marry your best friend. Chuck was and always will be my best friend as well as husband and lover.
Chuck: I never needed any advice, I knew from the very beginning that Candace was the one. awwww

SLC: What does love mean to the both of you?
Having someone to share your life with is the definition of love for us.

St. Tropez cocktails

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Couples Game:

What is your husband’s dream vacation?
What is your wife’s dream vacation?
We both love St. Tropez in the South of France. We used to travel there on a yearly basis and I celebrated my 50th birthday at the Byblos Hotel there with friends from all over the world. It’s a slice of heaven and our favorite place to visit.

What is your husband’s favorite restaurant? Gene & Georgetti’s
What is your wife’s favorite wife? RL and La Scarola

What was your  most romantic moment? My wedding night My most romantic moment.  When I saw Chuck’s face as I stepped onto the aisle for our wedding,  I couldn’t believe love could feel like this. It almost made my heart burst.  We feel very lucky to have found each other and I thank God every day for bringing us together. I feel like I won the “love lottery”!

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Images via Candace Jordan

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