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SNL’s A Girl’s Halloween Went 0-100 Real Quick

SNL’s A Girl’s Halloween Went 0-100 Real Quick

A Girl's Halloween - SNL

We’ve all been there at least one point in our lives even if you can’t admit it in public. After putting together a halloween costume straddling the line between funny and sexy, you and your girlfriends meet up to hang out for halloween fun. After a few drinks while getting ready, you head out to get some drinks, flirt with some girls and guys and maybe stop at that halloween party from the Facebook invite and 9 hours later your new phone screen’s cracked, the face you meticulously beat is now all smeared and your false eyelash is a mustache. SNL’s a Girls Halloween is just that night and it went 0-100 real quick as it usually tends to when you start the night off by saying “I think I’m not going to drink tonight.” Guaranteed this scenario will play out on Hubbard Street halloween weekend.


Aidy: “This is gonna be such a fun night”
Vanessa “Why did you make me be the cheese? You guys got to be cute and you made me be the cheese.”
Cecily: “Megan stop! You’ve been a bitch to me all night!”
Watch it below.


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