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Scott Schuman Releasing New Book The Sartorialist X

Scott Schuman Releasing New Book The Sartorialist X

Scott Schuman known as one of the OG street style photographers, is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his blog, The Sartorialist by releasing his third and perhaps biggest book yet coming in at 511 pages. The Sartorialist X is a showcase of images from his worldly travels from New York to London, Morocco, South Africa, India and Dubai. 

image credit: Vogue UK
image credit: Vogue UK

When interviewed by Vogue UK here is what he had this to say, “I’ve spent the last ten years studying other people’s style and it’s really helped me answer my own fashion questions, I have a design degree and I am so grateful that I do because it means I’ve always looked at fashion and design with a critical eye, rather than as a fan. And now, having spent so many years doing research on the streets of the world, I feel ready to put my knowledge and understanding to good use.”

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The book launches in the UK today (9/3) and will be available stateside by October 27 but you can pre-order on Amazon. Want your hands on it now? Click here

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