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Rolls Royce Wraith_phoenix

Dramatic. Agile. Refined Luxury. These are the makings of  the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Upon first glance, the car may seem imposing but that’s where it ends.  The Wraith is definitely geared towards the next gen Rolls-Royce owner, with advanced features and styling. The car, which has undergone Rolls Royce’ meticulous hand crafted process, is a thing of beauty, truly awe inspiring. The 2 door  reverse coach doors welcome you to to be enveloped in luxury at its finest. RR emblazoned 4 leather seats and wood accented dashboard that’s more like a traffic control center-in a good way. Each passenger has their own temperature control setting.

Take the best that exists and make it better: When it does not exist, design it.”-Sir Henry Royce


The Rolls-Royce Wraith though weighs over 5,000lbs it feels nothing like it when you get behind the wheel. Adjustable to your precise comfort and level, the wraith responds with silent power and I mean power. Many minute details that we may not realize or take for granted has been addressed even down to the almost noise canceling windows. Driving by a noisy semi truck you hear nothing but the sounds within your car and company. Arms too short to reach the door? just press a button and its closed.  With great power comes an even greater responsibility as you can go over 90mi/hr without realizing it because the ride is so smooth, yes at one point going 98 on 55. The technologically advanced Wraith even has Satelite aided transmission which acts as a GPS butler for your gearbox. A winding curve ahead, the car senses and ever so quietly changes gears to accommodate.
Rolls Royce-Wraith-2013-Phoenix

The 2014 Wraith also boasts an impressive distinction as you look up, the car has 1340 hand placed fiberoptics cable all through the roof to give the effect of a starry sky.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith consumer defers from that of the other line in the renowned car makers fleet as this is someone more on the younger side, perhaps self made or has struck rich in the tech or oil boom.

The car will be available at the end of the year. In the Chicago area and would like to see the Wraith up close? Steve Foley in Northbrook.

The Wraith name was first used in 1938 and it carries on the legacy of the Spirit of Ecstasy.

The 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith starts at about $284,900 with customizing options and requests that the folks at Goodwood are willing to accommodate such as gold plated Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, camera system, bespoke collection, RR monogram on headrests, the Starlight headline will run you about an additional almost $13,000, lambswool floormats

Fun fact: No matter how the tires of a Rolls-Royce turns, once car is parked or idle the RR is always aligned right side up.


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The Wraith is the embodiment of Sir Henry Royce’s saying of “striving for perfection in everything you do.”And well, the Wraith is perfection on wheels.

Rolls Royce-Wraith-2013-Phoenix

Rolls Royce-Wraith-2013-Phoenix

*images: Rolls-Royce motorcars

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