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McLaren Unveils Already Sold Out $2.24 Million Speedtail

McLaren Unveils Already Sold Out $2.24 Million Speedtail

McLaren unveils the new Speedtail hyper GT_3

McLaren Automotive finally unveiled their first Hyper-GT, the McLaren Speedtail the ultimate road car but if you were hoping to get your hands on one which will cost £1.75 million ($2.24 million), you might be too late as all 106 that’s set to be produced have already been reserved.

McLaren unveils the new Speedtail hyper GT_1

The Speedtail can achieve the highest maximum speed of any McLaren to date, reaching 250mph while delivering an unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, materials innovation and bespoke personalization.
mclaren speedtail_1


Inspired by the McLaren F1, the three-seat Speedtail features a central driving position and two seats on either side. McLaren’s vision for the Speedtail was to create the ultimate in bespoke vehicle design. The first deliveries will begin in early 2020.


McLaren unveils the new Speedtail hyper GT

Clients lucky enough to get one will have limitless tailoring opportunities to customize their Speedtail including a range of optional unique finishes for their car’s badging, ensuring that no two vehicles will be identical. McLaren’s famous brand badge, featuring the McLaren ‘Speedmark’ logo is recreated in handcrafted 18 carat white-gold emblems and carbon-fibre inlays on the front and back of the car.


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