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Oprah, Bezos, Clinton, Von Furstenburg Attend Statue of Liberty Museum Opening

Oprah, Bezos, Clinton, Von Furstenburg Attend Statue of Liberty Museum Opening

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Word on the street is the Trump organization business revenue’s dropping? Have a question, suggestion or just want to say hi, you can reach me here. Let’s get into the seven+ things you need to know after 7 to make small talk better today.


ABORTION BILLSAlabama’s abortion bill, the strictest abortion law in America history, was signed into law by its female governor Kay Ivey who defended HB 314 by saying “every life is precious & that every life is a sacred gift from God.” Not one to be overshadowed, Missouri is now in line to pass a wide-ranging bill to ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. The Missouri bill needs another vote of approval in the GOP-led House before it can go to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who voiced support for an earlier version. Supporters say the Alabama bill is intentionally designed to conflict with the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationally, in hopes of sparking a Supreme court case that might prompt the justices to revisit abortion rights. You know if ultra conservative Pat Robertson says the Alabama law is extreme and that the state has gone too far, that’s saying something. I guess the saying my body, my choice should now be my body, these men’s choice….Read more


  • LOCAL/CHICAGO:  Cubs’ Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna are going through it as both have filed paperwork to end their marriage though both filed in seperate states. Ben has been on leave with the Cubs since last week for personal family matters and it’s now being connected that the leave he had during spring training might have to do with that. Zobrist, who filed in Tennessee noted ‘Inappropriate Marital Conduct’ as reason meanwhile Julianna who filed in Cook county cited ‘Irreconcilable differences.’ Someone get disco queen Laura Wasser on the line.  Oh and Pres. Trump pardoned one time Chicago Suntimes owner turned crook Conrad Black.


  • NATIONAL:  The Department of Education is getting in the way of efforts to police the student loan industry, according to director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Kathy Kraninger. This came in the form of a letter written in April in response to lawmakers question “about whether the federal regulator had “abandoned its supervision and enforcement activities” related to more than $1 trillion in student loans.”


  • WORLD:  In what’s being called the nuclear option in its trade war with China, president Trump and his administration are looking to add Huawei Technologies and 70 affiliates to its “Entity List” – a move that will likely ban the firm from acquiring U.S. components and technology without government approval, adding another incendiary element to the U.S.-China trade war. According to Reuters, a similar U.S. ban on China’s ZTE Corp had almost crippled business for the smaller Huawei rival early last year before the curb was lifted. Huawei, who made $105B last year, is the world’s second-biggest maker of smartphones.


photo credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via THR
  • The 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival is not the only place celebs are turning up to see and be scene. On Wednesday in New York city, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation hosted its Hot Pink party’ which had guests like Elizabeth Hurley dripping in Gismondi1754 diamonds, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger & Dee Ocleppo, David Foster and Katharine McPhee who performed and many others. In Los Angeles, Halle Berry showed off her hair undercut at the John Wick 3 premiere. Reese Witherspoon was spotted at Elizabeth Arden’s ‘garden party’ 


  • The opening party to celebrate the Statue of Liberty museum was held Wednesday with a who’s who guest list. Billionaires, politicians, fashion, tv and movie stars were all in attendance. Oprah who was there with BFF Gayle King was seen chatting up former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg was there, so was Jeff Bezos who came with his dad Miguel, Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, David Letterman, Derek Blasberg, Tony Bennett and wife Susan Crow, Huma Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, Nicky Hilton Rothschild and James Rothschild, Andy Cohen.



  • Cannes might be for film premieres and screenings but its also perfect for a fashion party as Vogue Paris + Dior hosted a Riviera dinner “at iconic Cannes seafood restaurant Fred L’Écailler.” Per WWD, the dinner was cohosted by Vogue Paris’ Emmanuelle Alt; Pietro Beccari, chief executive officer of Dior, and Claude Martinez, chairman and chief executive officer of Parfums.


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“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”
― Bruce Lee


Ashlee Simpson & husband Evan Ross @ Dior

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Featured image credit: Getty images

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