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Michelle Obama Serenaded by Stevie Wonder On Jimmy Fallon

Michelle Obama Serenaded by Stevie Wonder On Jimmy Fallon

buzzfeed failing pile of trash


Failing Pile of Garbage! That is what President elect called Buzzfeed, who published the 35-page unverified intelligence dossier, during his much talked about first press conference. What did Buzzfeed do with the moniker? Merch and sell it of course! After the circus that was the press conference where a lot was said a lot of confusion arose, CNN’s Jim Acosta was on the receiving end of Trump’s tantrums. The presser ended with more questions than answers. Biotech and pharma stocks plummeted. Some reports are now saying former MI-6 spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the unverified intelligence dossier, has gone into hiding. Outside of the presser, confirmation hearings are still going on and Corey Booker broke with ranks to testify against AG nominee Jeff Sessions. NY Senator Chuck Schumer has now announed he too will vote AGAINST sessions. Pass the popcornRead more


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