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Hotness in The News: 7 news Stories After 7

Hotness in The News: 7 news Stories After 7

Hotness in the News by SociaLifeChicago 7 news stories after 7. The daily email newsletter to Make small talk, better.


Chicago Cubs Clinch NL Central title. A year that’s been nothing short of hopeful for Cubs fans that the World Series’ Commisioner’s trophy will make its way back to Chicago, got even sweeter as the Cubs learned they clinched the NL Central title with the St. Louis Cardinals losing 6-2 to San Francisco Giants last night, though the Cubs lost to the Brewers 5-4 last night in Wrigley Field…Read more


• Man pursues lady on Tinder for months, he finally uses the one thing Chicagoans love more than dibs, a day on a boat. She agrees, to find herself, said guy and few other females he met on Tinder in said boat and she documented it on Facebook.

• London Mayor Sadiq Khan landed in Chicago yesterday following a stop in Montreal with PM Justin Trudeau. Ahead of his speaking about global policies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs last night, he penned an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune. He will address business leaders and entrepreneurs this morning at 1871.

• Since announcing that 5,300 people would be fired in their phantom account openings scandal to meet sales goals, Wells Fargo has been pretty mum on it and consumers no likey. Warren “The Oracle” Buffet a major shareholder who saw his worlds richest status bumped down due to the news has also not made any comments on the scandal.  WF has lost $19B off its market value since the announcement.


• Chance the Rapper, along with 2Chainz and Lil Wayne appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show Wednesday to perform his hit “No Problem” wearing the black version of his VMA Khaki Sheila Rashid Custom Overall. He spoke on why he decided not to sign with a record label. His Magnificent Coloring Day at US Cellular Field will take place next Saturday.

• Actor Naz Khan, a British-Pakistani, who stars in the HBO mini-series “The Night Of” penned an essay about being typecast, his jarring experiences with racism in life and in the acting world, published in The Guardian


• Controversy over hair models wore at the Marc Jacobs show. With it girls including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid walking the final NYFW show, their hairs were adorned with multi color dreadlocks with some saying its cultural appropriation. Meanwhile Under Armour high fashion line designed by Tim Coppens made its debut. We will be viewing the collection in Chicago later today and chatting with Mr. Coppens so keep posted on social media for the play by play.

“We must not only obtain Wisdom: we must enjoy her.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Watch Jimmy Fallon work his hands in Donald Trump’s hair

USC linebacker Osa Chad Masina formally charged with two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of rape 

The University of Chicago trauma center is another step closer to reality with ground breaking taking place yesterday

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