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Esther Mahlangu x Belvedere Chicago Reception

Esther Mahlangu x Belvedere Chicago Reception

(BELVEDERE) RED hosted a special evening at the DuSable museum to celebrate their partnership with South African artist Esther Mahlangu, of the Ndebele tribe, on Tuesday Sept. 20. Invited guests joined by members of the South African Embassy, artist Barrett Keithley, were treated to an intimate art class where they got to experience Mahlangu’s artwork technique and then create their own beautiful pieces. Mahlangu guided the art demonstration which featured artwork designed in the colorful style of her Ndebele tribal art
Belvedere Celebrates (RED) and Partnership with South African Artist, Esther Mahlangu at the Dusable Museum in Chicago

A cocktail reception replete with Belvedere libations followed with music from DJ Sean Mac. See pictures of the event in the gallery above.

South African and Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu and singer John Legend collaborated this year to create a unique bottle pattern to reinterpret the four symbols featured on the bottle signifying security, unity, change, support. (BELVEDERE) RED has provided funding to 12 million days of life saving ARV drugs and the equivalent of 30,000 HIV positive women give birth to healthy babies over the past 5 years of partnership.

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Photo credit: Megan Bearder

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