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10 Signs You Need A Closet Overhaul + How To Get Started

10 Signs You Need A Closet Overhaul + How To Get Started

Style slumps happen to the best of us. Between work, family, friends and life, figuring what’s in, whats out or what needs to be re-evaluted in your closet usually falls down on the priority list. Over time as you age, you start to hopefully earn more money, progress in your career, get into a relationship or two but your wardrobe stays the same until suddenly you realize that it’s time for a change. Your friends might not be nice or courageous enough to tell you but we will.




How do you know you are in a style slump and need a closet overhaul? If you’re not sure, here are 10 signs you are in need of a closet overhaul, pronto!

1. You find items in your closet with the tags still attached. You’re the girl that could almost open a boutique of your own with all the new and never worn items you have in your closet. If this is you it is time to take a hard look at why you are not wearing those pieces and if it’s time to let them go even though they have not been worn.

photo via celebuzz
photo via: celebuzz


2. You wear the same pieces over and over again, leaving many items in your closet barely worn. – We get it, you sort of have a routine and tend to gravitate towards the same pieces time and time again. This means all of the other things left behind to sit in your closet are of no use to you or you need to put in a lot more effort to wear everything you have. If you’re not sure how to style the rest of the pieces in your closet, I can help you. 

3. What’s in your closet does not match your lifestyle. Did you forget to upgrade your wardrobe as your life and career progressed? Or maybe you just had a baby and are looking to change your look entirely? In order to get the ultimate results out of your closet, the pieces you own should match your lifestyle. Once your clothing is in sync with your daily life, the chances of having the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” will go way down.

I have nothing to wear image
image via: Style philosophy


4. Your clothing is very specific and leaves no room for mixing and matching.  This is you, if you have pieces that can only be worn once every now and then or you do not take full advantage of your wardrobe. To fix this you should have pieces that can be remixed into multiple outfits. By doing this you will get much more wear out of your items, have plenty of options and you’ll a better return on your fashion investments.

5. Some (or a lot) of your pieces fit improperly. When it comes to a working and thriving wardrobe, fit is key. If you are holding onto things that do not fit you, take them to a tailor or get rid of things that can’t be tailored or are too small.

6. Your closet is full of impulse purchases. – When you are going out for the night or to an event do you run to the store and just buy something? Then your shopping is too reactive. It’s time for you to shop smarter and have a shopping plan.

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7. Your closet does not reflect your (newfound) personal style. Knowing your personal style is paramount to having a wardrobe that truly works for you. Once you have this knowledge you’ll know exactly what works for you, what trends you want to wear during that season and how to always wear what is true to you. Try starting a mood board (enter: Pinterest) for inspiration and to help discover your true personal style. Still can’t figure it out, The SassyPeach is here to help.

8. The items in your closet have been around since it was trendy to wear chokers the first time around. Calling Cher Horowitz circa 1996. Okay so that might be a little extreme but if the majority of your wardrobe is years old, and we’re not talking classic vintage piece, it’s time for a reboot. Update your pieces based on your style now, your budget and your current lifestyle. You don’t need to drop all your paycheck at Neimans, Nordstrom, MatchesFashion or Bloomingdales to get a stylish closet.

9. You wear the same exact thing to every special event. The gala invite comes and you’re already 10 steps ahead because you plan on wearing what you wore last year, or worse, what you wore to that other cocktail event last month. Abort! Abort! Abort! Even if you paid over $1k for the outfit.  Your closet should host a variety of options, including dressy ones, for you to have plenty of gaps in rotating pieces. If you can’t swing that, consider an outfit rental option but just make sure 5 other people have not rented the same outfit for the same event. Also keep some great accessories on hand.

10. Your closet is quantity over quality. We understand the temptation of fast fashion-its cheaper, trendier and easily accessible. Your closet may be spilling over with the fruits of your fast fashion buying labor from the past few years. At this point you most likely no longer wear them and/or they have not stood the test of time nor can you sell them back. Invest in good, key pieces to get your closet to quality over quantity. You don’t have to have a ton of pieces in your closet to have a quality wardrobe.

If you identified with any (or all) of these signs it’s definitely time to give your closet a major upgrade. Don’t know where to begin, email us.

One day we will all have Mariah Carey or Khloe Kardashian closets.

khloe kardashians-closet copy
photo via: Architectural digest
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