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What's Your After 5 Cocktail Audarshia Townsend?

What's Your After 5 Cocktail Audarshia Townsend?


While it’s great to talk about what cocktails around Chicago you can enjoy and unwind with ‘After 5’ its even better when we talk to people that not only enjoy a good cocktail but know what makes a good cocktail and 312 Dining Diva Audarshia Townsend is someone that knows something about a good cocktail.

audarshia townsend
Audarshia Townsend

Audarshia Townsend-Dining/Lifestyle/Cocktail Culture Writer is also the Chicago editor of When asked what her favorite ‘After 5’ potion is, she didn’t hesitate to let us know it was the Negroni. The BEST Negroni that’s ever been made for her?  Lynn House of Blackbird. When she wants a mild negroni, Lynn will add some sparkling wine or prosecco. She also favors well made Manhattan because it’s a classic American cocktail and any bar worth it’s salt should be able to make one. A Manhattan should NEVER be shaken but always stirred.

A Negroni

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The components of a Negroni are: Gin,  Sweet Vermouth, Bitters(campari) garnished with Orange half-wheel

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