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After 5 Karlsson's Gold Vodka Moscow Mule

After 5 Karlsson's Gold Vodka Moscow Mule

karlsson moscow mule

We are not ashamed to admit we love a good drink especially one made with Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, our love affair with the vodka began HERE.  Chicago weather decided to play nice  which means hot summer days and the need for a cold refreshind drink. What better way to unwind “After 5” and cool off than a Moscow mule made with Karlsson’s Gold. Whether you will be meeting up with friends at a restaurant bar or want to take the party to your home/patio. All that is needed to make this refreshing drink are:
Fresh Lime juice
Ice cubes
Ginger Beer – “To achieve the drink’s signature strong “mule-kick” finish, be sure to use a quality naturally brewed ginger beer, like Fentiman’s or Reed’s.”- bonapetit
Karlsson’s Gold Vodka
Lime wedge

Saddle up to the bar and tell them to make your Moscow mule with Karlsson’s Gold and enjoy.

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*image: Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

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