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When we  started the weekly #TomeTuesday, it was a way to share the books we not only love that either has a Chicago connection or  was so compelling we had to share. We’ve talked about everything from fashion books to party hosting books to art but as we begin to wrap up the. There’s no denying it anymore, Starbucks already started using their holiday cups, stores are fully decked out in their best holiday decor and the radio have already began the holiday music onslaught.
Though for most the holiday’s is about being together with the ones you love or mildly tolerate and eating. Yes the holiday’s are all about food and we are happy to get you on the right foot. As you begin to plan your Thanksgiving day or Holiday party menu, check out these books that offers some impressive recipes that if followed properly will not only wow your guests, they just may want to come over more ofter.
Have you had a Danny’s macaroon? No seriously not the parisian macaron but the goey coconut flakyness can be made in your very own kitchen with the newly released Danny’s Macaroon

photo 4

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If you’ve ever dined at pump room or ABC Kitchen, you’ve tasted the talents of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten but one of our favorite cookbooks is his “Home Cooking” book he gives simple recipes for you to try.

Home Cooking with Jean-Georges

James Beard set the bar for American cooking and this cookbook will help you wow your guests depending on what type of menu you are putting together. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, formal easy or prepare ahead, its all there.

James Beard menus for entertaining

What are you most excited to cook this holiday?

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