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Jenis Debuts New Tantalizing Ice Cream Flavour With Lonely Ghost Collab

Jenis Debuts New Tantalizing Ice Cream Flavour With Lonely Ghost Collab

Jeni’s first-ever, super-limited Cookie Dough Ice Cream is finally here! The new, very limited edition Jeni’s Ice Cream flavor: Double Dough is the beloved ice-cream brand’s first-ever cookie dough ice cream that tastes exactly like enjoying cookie dough with a side of cookie dough. This new flavour is part of their collaboration with experiential lifestyle brand Lonely Ghost that includes the aforementioned limited ice cream and merch. 

Jeni’s x Lonely Ghost Double Dough ice cream

Jeni’s Double Dough ice cream features chocolate chip cookie dough swirled into a buttery brown sugar custard. The ice cream itself is made to taste like cookie dough, with notes of brown sugar, butter, and vanilla, with perfect bite-size chocolate chip cookie dough pieces for that classic sandy texture. 

Double Dough drops in scoop shops on Thursday, Aug. 24 and online (at noon ET) for nationwide shipping. Limited-edition merch inspired by the collaboration will be sold exclusively on the Lonely Ghost website at 8 ET on Thursday, Aug. 24.

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