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The Zoe Report’s Box Of Style Perfect Gift For Fashionable Friends

The Zoe Report’s Box Of Style Perfect Gift For Fashionable Friends

We all have that one friend, or maybe it’s you. Traits: Keeps tabs on all the fashion and instagram street style stars on pinterest and instagram and can tell you their 7 recent outfits. Fashionably daring but not too out there. Loves a good, picked specially for me item with multiple uses. If you nodded yes to at least one of those, then you’ll definitely want to get into the Zoe Report’s Box of Style.


Yes the subscription box trend is still going strong but this is no ordinary box because the items in there will not be tossed aside the moment you open it. The Zoe report Fall Box of Style is filled with items that can be used on its own or paired with pieces already in your closet. So why is it the perfect gift for your fashionable friend you ask? Well few reason:

1) The black and white Donni Charm Wonder Cape (exclusively for box of style subscribers). We can all agree that as soon as the temps dip, we run to find warm chic outwear that can be styled and this cape will go from brunch to night out or a faux infinity neck shawl.

2) Pricing. Everything in the box retails for over $450 but you get it for $100.

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3) Expertly curated. The team at Zoe Report which includes Rachel Zoe’s input pick out the best for readers to enjoy so you know it’s going to be fabulous and mayjah! Get your own here.

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