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My Skin Laundry Review

My Skin Laundry Review

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We can thank Kim Kardashian and her love of Epione and all things laser everywhere for the pervasiveness of laser beauty treatments but she certainly didn’t revolutionize the beauty movement. Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and med spas have been offering this service for a long time but many consumers like myself due to price barriers  and or other factors have been unable to experience the treatments. So when a new I heard that
the new Ulta Michigan Avenue was going to have a Skin Laundry I decided to give it a try, see what all the rave was about. Skin Laundry, founded by Yen Reis, is a laser facial clinic that offers affordable treatments in under 15 minutes. In under 140 characters what they do is “clean dirty, clogged, damaged skin with affordable Laser & Light treatments in under 10 minutes.” So what’s it like to undergo a treatment? Well I had three sessions and here’s how it went.

A brief note about my skin. I am dark skinned (African) so I my skin runs on the oily side and I am prone to breakouts. When I was younger I had pretty bad acne that leveled out as I got older, once I watched what foods I put in my body and took better care of my skin. Name the beauty product Ive tried it, I swore by Retin-A micro for the longest and never skip on moisturizers.  That’s not to say I didn’t have breakouts (i still do) and the worst skin problem for me were/are those naggy acne scars. The ones that seem to linger long long after the dang pore has been extracted. I didn’t have much expectations for Skin laundry’s treatment to do anything for my face that would be dramatically noticeable but boy was I wrong. For the first treatment, after signing several forms I met with nurse Katie who administered my subsequent treatments.

She asked a few questions before recommending a treatment plan. I was told for the preventative and maintenance cycle I should do the treatments 4x/month for 1-2 months. She also recommended a few Skin Laundry products to use post treatment and ongoing such as the Wrinkle release face sheet mask, the balancing antioxidant toner and extra deep gel face wash.

The treatment was literally under 15 minutes but the first time, it seemed my skin was hot hot hot, not on fire hot but def some heat. It didn’t help that the day of my treatment it was fairly toasty and sunny outside. Sunscreen is your friend when you decide to do a Skin laundry treatment. If you arrive with makeup, you are given a makeup remover wipe off makeup or anything on your skin. The laser pulses over your face and afterwards you are given a complimentary cooling hydrating facial mask sheet. Though my skin was not bright red after the treatment, there were a few welted spots that diminished after about an hour. I scheduled my treatments on days that I didn’t have meetings or really busy so if you are booking on the go, be cognizant of your schedule.

Skin laundry 3rd treatmentAfter three treatments I definitely saw a different in my skin’s texture, pores and acne scars. My makeup went on smoother and those selfies came out🔥. Would I recommend it? Of course but please check with your healthcare provider and all that due diligence cause I am not a nurse just a beauty junkie. If you’re looking to get that glow back to your skin by summer, sign up your first Skin Laundry treatment is free.

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Disclosure: Skin Laundry provided complimentary service for the review.
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