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Single in the City? Check Out This Convention

Single in the City? Check Out This Convention


C2e2 single in teh city

Conventions(Expo’s), they are a maze to navigate, don’t serve funnel cakes or alcohol and lets face it most of the time the people there are kinda sorta fugly,  whaaat?!! its true. But as the saying goes, there’s always a diamond in the rough and maybe yours will be in the form of a new partner at the C2E2 Expo which will be in Chicago this weekend April 26-28. You see comic geeks are actually HOT and the notion that most spend their days in their mom and dad’s basement is so not true and so late 80s. Of course there’s the small subset that still help perpetuate the stereotype, but we’ll skip over those(sorry, not sorry). We couldn’t tell you the last time we picked up a comic book or what comic characters are  in right now but just like a anything else we will give you the tools and you do as you wish.  We’re not here to get your hopes up but if you’re looking for something to do outside of the norm this weekend and you’re single well then head on down to McCormick Place. Those people pictured above will be there.

Click HERE for more info on C2E2 and should anyone of you meet a special someone there, we’d love to hear about it.

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