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NMH Women’s Board’s New Summer Soiree A Sailing Success

NMH Women’s Board’s New Summer Soiree A Sailing Success

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The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital hosted over 300 guests at their inaugural summer themed fundraising event, ANCHORS AWEIGH, on June 7 at the Saddle & Cycle Club. It was a perfect kickoff to the summer season and a refreshing new event on the Chicago summer fundraising circuit. The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Anchors Aweigh raised $230,000 in support of The Woman’s Board’s $4.6 million pledge to fund comprehensive reproductive care across a woman’s lifetime. The Woman’s Board is charting a new course, by introducing various summer-themed fundraisers every June.  

Co-chairs Emily Krall of Lake Bluff, Bridget Tully Vrabel with board president Sarah Schrup and Annie Hudson, all of Chicago, with Emily Sturgess of Winnetka

ANCHORS AWEIGH co-chaired by Emily Krall (Lake Bluff), Bridget Tully Vrabel (Chicago), Annie Hudson (Chicago) and Emily Sturgess (Winnetka), treated guests in attendance to cocktails and cuisine served under the stars and dancing to the acclaimed yacht rock band Anchor’s Away. The fun-filled evening included a new generation of Woman’s Board members, corporate and civic leaders. Board president Sarah Schrup addressed the group, speaking to the board’s mission to support women’s health in all the reproductive stages of their lives.

Emily Sturgess (co-chair), Amy Tarnowicz, Julia Goodwin, Amy Fansler & Megan Fansler of Winnetka


Marquita Hanus, Lissie Cortes
Kate & Bryan Logan, Brett Nelson of Winnetka


The board, which recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, has been responsible for bringing everything from electricity to the hospital to raising millions of dollars to fund leading-edge research and support patient care initiatives at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. For more information about The Woman’s Board reach out at 312-926-9138, or visit

Jeanette Sublett, Langdon Neal, Lena & Steve Helms of Chicago


Scott and Mallory Gidwitz, Lindsay Baker, Katie Slater of Chicago


Willy Moore, Kate Fundarek, Patrick Casimiro, Christine Abramo, Chris Liberge and Laura Liberge



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All photos credit: Robin Subar Photography


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