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Many times, the people that work behind the scenes making the scene rarely get recognized for their work. SociaLifeChicago will spotlight the amazing people that make you, your organization and your event look great.

Lynne Bredfeldt-Director of Public Relations for Park Hyatt Chicago

How did you get started in Public Relations?
I went to Columbia College Chicago for Broadcast Journalism and I was really interested in
pursuing a broadcasting career. I interned at ABC7 Chicago and worked on the 11am show with
Sylvia Perez and Linda Yu and the producer at the time was Vicki Giammona (who has since
retired). I quickly fell in love with the behind-the-scenes action from a production standpoint.
It was my job to assist the publicists that arrived on-set with their clients to make sure that
everything was seamless on the back end

After my internship was over I remember being in Linda’s office and talking over what my next
steps would be; I wanted to stay in the city and quickly immerse myself in my career. I loved
the fact that public relations and broadcasting worked hand in hand with one another. On one
end, you are booking the segments and from a PR standpoint, you are pitching and helping create
interesting content. .

Around that time I was introduced to Korey Karnes (now Huyler), EIC of CS Magazine. Always
a news junkie, one night I was reading up on Bond No.9, a new fragrance at the time that I was
about to launch. The concept of the brand was to pay tribute to the streets of New York through
the art of perfumery. . I thought it would be perfect for CS so I pitched Korey and she asked me
to do a story on it featuring a boutique in Hinsdale that had just started carrying it. I headed out
to Embrace Boutique & Bistro the following week. It was there that I met the owner, Lynette
Lovelace. We hit it off instantly and our interview quickly turned into dinner. During our
conversation she suggested I speak with her PR firm because they were looking for someone to
continue building their fashion arm. The following week, I interviewed with Blast Marketing and
as they say, the rest was history. I remember John looking at me and telling me “you either sink
or swim in this industry.”

It was about being at the right place at the right time and maximizing the opportunities

I then went on to work at Margie Korshak whereI headed up the fashion/lifestyle/hospitality
division. From there, I did some work for Bloomingdale’s, and then launched J. Lynne PR in
2008, a boutique public relations firm. I ran the company for 2 years and was presented with an
exciting opportunity in 2010.
After working with Kimpton Hotels as a client, I had always said if I wasn’t doing my own thing
I would want to go in-house and handle PR for a luxury hotel. Luxury to me is a lifestyle, it’s
in your blood. In February, I took the position of Director of Public Relations for Park Hyatt
Chicago. It has truly been an incredible opportunity and the most amazing experience.

Relationships are very important to me. In a nutshell, that’s what PR is all about.

What does your role here consist of?
As the Director of Public Relations, I am responsible for all public relations and communications
for the entire hotel, including: NoMI Kitchen, NoMI NoMI Garden, NoMI Lounge, and NoMI
Spa. Every day my role changes. I handle all partnerships, press, events and media campaigns.
On the rooms side we are launching our redesigned suites as well as our brand new designer
suite — Lake Suite by Bottega Veneta, in partnership with Bottega Venetta . What I really like
about being on property is that I get to tell the stories of all the faces that make up the hotel from
our General Manager andExecutive Chef to our stewards, housekeepers, bellman and overnight

What challenges do you face in your role?

I am constantly challenging myself and striving to create interesting and unique content to
differentiate ourselves. From strategic partnerships to out-of-the-box media campaigns, I want
us to be on top of mind for locals and international travelers alike..

What excites you about what you do?
The ability to be creative.

You are known equally for your PR finesse as well as your style, do you use a stylist?
That is very flattering to hear, but no I don’t work with a stylist. I shop on my own but my two
favorite people to shop with are Shellie Thompson at J-Crew (900 Shops). We call them the
Shellie glasses. Not only does she wear these huge black rimmed frames, but she literally has
this incredible eye and amazing style aesthetic.
Siera Seedman at Sarca, which is hands down my favorite boutique in the city. My style is very
chic-unique mixed with modern vintage and she knows that better than anyone else.

If you didn’t work in PR,w hat career field do you see yourself in?
I can’t imagine myself in any other field. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I get excited to get
up in the morning to get to the office. If I wasn’t in PR I think I would do something in fashion
or travel. They are both part of my lifestyle and a personal passion of mine. I would either love
to work for a large fashion house handling branding or perhaps a writer for a travel magazine I
love adventures and being able to go to a country and explore to see how the locals live. I was
in Morocco in September and lived in a cave with nomads. One of the best experiences of my
life. I can easily go from a fashion show to hiking in the mountains. The best of both worlds I

Best advice someone gave you starting out?
I have a lot of wonderful mentors in my life and great successful women that I admire, so it’s
hard to pinpoint one example. For those first starting out, I remember my sophomore year
of college, I attended a seminar in D.C. and the lecturer was speaking about our careers and
reminded us “to never be a wallflower.” Even if you are interning, do whatever you can to make
yourself stand out and be useful. For me, it was one of the best things I did for my career.

How important were mentors to your career path?
To this day, I still have Linda, Sylvia and Vicki to thank. I hope that I can do the same. There
is nothing more important than having someone who’s been very successful in their career to be
able to give you advice, especially as a woman in business. I have always admired women who
have had professional career, followed their path and paved a way for themselves

What advice can you give someone looking to follow your career path?
Connections are everything in this business. Build your rolodex. Make it a goal to introduce
yourself to at least three people at an event. Also, make sure to give back to the community.
Involve yourself with causes that you believe in. You’ll meet other like-minded individuals and
support something that is immeasurably gratifying.

How do you carve out relationships and genuinely maintain them?
I genuinely enjoy getting to know people. When you build those genuine relationships and you
can also do business with them, its a perfect combination.

It takes time to build relationships; the misconception is that it’s instant gratification. That you’re
just going to e-mail someone and they will suddenly be a contact; It doesn’t work like that.

You have to nurture those relationships and build rapport.

Outside of NoMI what other spots in the city do you like to hang out?
I am constantly entertaining which I do most of it here at NoMI. I love Violet Hour for
cocktails. Balena is a new favorite of mine. Lula and Telegraph in Logan Square are always at
the top of the list.

What are some things to expect from Park Hyatt and NoMI in the upcoming months?
We just rolled out our new Spring/Summer menu. The season will officially start when NoMI
Garden opens in May. I am announcing our 2012 NoMI Ambassadors mid-month and all of the
redesigned suites will be unveiled this month.

In the past year you were named Ted Baker Ambassador, hosted Evenings in Vogue and on
several Junior Boards, how do you balance your philanthropic commitments with work?
In 2012, I wanted to make sure I was able to give quality time to the organizations I am involved
with and able to help out. It’s a balance but it’s important to me so I make time for it. I am on
the fashion committee for the upcoming School of Art Institute “The Walk” where we are
honoring Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers in April. It’s exciting for me to be able to be a part of
that and support young men and women striving towards a career.

What Summer plans are you excited about?
I love Summer in Chicago for concerts, music festivals and being outdoors. I travel often on the
weekends, so definitely plans underway.

What would be your dream travel destination?
Cuba or Copenhagen! Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations did a piece on Cuba and I love
the fact that it’s been untouched by time. The culture, history, and people are fascinating.
Copenhagen is a leading culinary destination and one I am dying to venture to. Perhaps for my
birthday in July? We shall see…

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