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Jordan Brand Debuts 8×8 Collection for NBA All-Star 2020 Plus All-Star 2020 Jerseys

Jordan Brand Debuts 8×8 Collection for NBA All-Star 2020 Plus All-Star 2020 Jerseys

Nike’s Jordan Brand debuted its latest collection and its all about the upcoming 2020 NBA All-Star taking place in Chicago. The 8×8 Collection for NBA All-Star 2020 composed of footwear and apparel, is a collaboration with 8 Chicago creative partners who used specific transit line colors “to enliven their ideas and reimagine what Jordan Brand’s UNITE rallying cry means to them and to the city of Chicago.

The 8×8 Collection for NBA All-Star 2020 serves as a canvas for the Chicago creative community to represent their neighborhoods through footwear and apparel. The 8 creative chosen for this project are: Designer Sheila Rashid, Land and Sea Dept. Creative Director Cody Hudson, Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett and JB Brode, SocialWorks, SucceZZ store’s Bobby Simmons and Lavelle Sykes, students from 4 participating Wings organization and Off-White creative director Virgil Abloh.

You can see each creative partner’s piece below. The full Jordan Brand 8×8 collection releases globally February 15.

In continued celebration of the upcoming 2020 NBA All-Star game and inspiration from Chicago’s eight train lines and their colors, Jordan brand also debuted the NBA All Star x Jordan Brand Jerseys that will be worn throughout the weekend events in Chicago including the official All Star Game, Celebrity Game, Rising Stars Game and Special Olympics Unified Game. The Nike NBA All-Star 2020 Uniforms saw Jordan Brand and Nike designers incorporate the color of each track into the uniforms as a base: blue and red for the NBA All-Star Game; purple and orange for NBA Rising Stars; green and pink for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game presented by Ruffles; and brown and yellow for the NBA Cares Special Olympics Unified Basketball Game. The Jordan Brand official NBA All-Star game uniforms add the six-pointed star from the Chicago flag as the symbolic refrain while inviting the attitude of the ‘90s-era alternate uniforms worn by the hometown Bulls. These uniforms will debut on the courts starting February 14 but consumers can start getting their hands on them starting January 23.

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