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Go Ahead & Get Some This Weekend | Casual Sex

Go Ahead & Get Some This Weekend | Casual Sex

An article by TIME Magazine online this weekend states that casual sex is actually good for you so go ahead and let your hair down while out and about this weekend.
According to a study conducted by Cornell University and NYU researchers(so we know its legit) dispels the age old myth attached to casual sex, no mention of the stigma and judgie judgie people that may give you the sideye when doing your walk of shame though.

” A recent study conducted by researchers from NYU and Cornell dispels the popular notion that casual hookups — defined as sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship — will leave you with low self-esteem and depression.
The research, published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, involved a group of NYU students who kept a weekly diary over the course of 12 weeks documenting any and all adult snuggles — and the effect those instances had on their overall well-being.

Sociosexually unrestricted students reported higher well-being after having casual sex compared to not having sex, the researchers found. Also, those who were sociosexually unrestricted reported lower stress and greater overall emotional health after casual sex.”

The study’s authors explained that “the effects of casual sex depend on the extent to which this behavior is congruent with one’s general personality tendencies.”

Of course if you plan on partaking in grown activities, know that there are grown consequences. Condoms cost less that $10 so wrap it up!

Via TIME ; images via tumblr

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